Bests Of Metaverse World...

Bests Of Metaverse World...


The year 2022 is preparing to be an important year for Metaverse projects. There are hundreds of Metaverse projects on the market and it can be difficult to tell which ones are good. Therefore, as a result of my reviews, I will provide information about Metaverse projects with great potential to be followed in 2022 ...

If you're ready, let's start …

Decentraland (MANA)




Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform running on the Ethereum network. Players in the Decentraland universe can develop their holdings and earn money by selling these assets.



Broke the downtrend. It will show its strength when the uncertainty in the markets is removed ...



Although the price chart above is in a downtrend, there is a constant increase in the number of holders. This shows that investors are in anticipation. Gradual purchase is possible...


Players can purchase plots through Decentraland. The land itself and the virtual properties built on it are stored in the Ethereum contract and become an NFT called LAND. MANA is the “token” of Decentraland.


Axie Infinity (AXS)




Axie Infinity; which is based on Ethereum, created a blockchain called Ronin for the game, as it became popular. Axie Infinity is a monster fighting game where you can fight teams of cute monsters called Axies. It went from $0.6 to $165 in 2021. With the metaversa rally we will experience in 2022, we may see new ATHs



Gradual buying is possible after AXS confirms it has broken the downtrend... The number of good players is increasing in the Metaverse world... Must keep up with the competition...




The Sandbox (SAND)




Sandbox is a play-to-win game running on the Ethereum network. Players can create their own lands and build and manage the lands they create as they wish. The game offers experiences with missions, games and challenges to earn rewards. Sandbox is slightly different from other Metaverse projects in that it has a downloadable client.


Broke the short-term downtrend. We will see new ATHs after breaking the medium term downtrend...



The number of holders like mana is increasing steadily

Theta Network (THETA)




Theta Network is a video streaming-based network. The cryptocurrency of this network is THETA. Users can watch or share videos to get THETA. This cryptocurrency also helps users become part of the network. It is possible to stake the money or obtain TFUEL which will be used later for chain operations.


I think it is accumulating to break the downtrend. then it will move to break the $15 ATH.


Chromia (CHR)



Chromia (CHR) is a platform that makes it easy to build decentralized applications (dApps) for Metaverse projects running on the Ethereum blockchain. Many games have been built on Chromia, including popular games like My Neighbor Alice, a play-to-win blockchain-based game, and Mines of Dalarnia.


Hosts important metaverse projects. When the downtrend is broken, the uptrend can start. It should be followed closely.



There is an expectation...





WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange); It is the world's most environmentally friendly blockchain for gaming and NFTs. WAXP is its native token on the WAX ​​blockchain. WAX allows you to buy, sell and trade NFTs in their respective markets along with dozens of dApp games for users to play. WAX Alien Worlds is a platform that hosts hundreds of popular win-to-play Metaverse games like R-Planet. The biggest advantage of WAX is that users do not pay gas fees. Instead, users allocate their WAX for CPU, NET, and RAM power, facilitating transactions on the blockchain.





Efinity Token (EFI)




Efinity is a cross-chain blockchain network for NFTs based on Polkadot. Efinity by Enjin aims to solve problems such as low scalability and high gas fees. The network promises its users fast transactions as well as low costs.


It is a project that has one of the strongest players of the Metaverse, Enjin, behind it. It will do good work on the Polkadot network and will go upwards. About to break the downtrend ... It should be followed closely.



Although it is a new project, there is a steady rise.

My last words; Nowadays, due to the interest rate hike by the Fed in March, the cryptocurrency markets are restless and struggling to find direction … At these times, gradual purchases can be made at affordable price levels … I think that the cryptocurrency markets will be very volatile in February … then the markets will become clear. During this time, you should examine the projects you want to invest in, make gradual purchases and plan at what price and when you will sell ... Acting with a plan will improve and enrich you ... Of course, do not forget to stop-loss when it comes to the sale price ...


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