Experiment: I use Publish0x to make a million - Week #19

Well fuck.

There was a big dip last weekend that made this portfolio hurt. If I can keep stuff coming to the portfolio it'll even out but this for sure will slow down the progress, not that it was quick to begin with.

I can't add any new funds.

I can't acquire any new funds without directly using crypto directly from Publish0x tips.

I can use my Publish0x rewards however I want to try and reach 1.000.000$

Week #19
+4.619 AMPL
+~1.0143$ from staking


Managed to stay above $200 at least, I'll try to keep it that way. 

I also am holding 31,49 HBAR, 14 PRE & 141,72 TRX, hoping I can copy my luck from my hodling shitcoins experiment by HODLing lower marketcap coins.

Current progress - $207.91

KAVA - 6,8281 (+0,0262)

ADA - 8,7644 (+0,0117)

DOT - 1,2207 (+0,0028)

ETH - 0,01505 (+0,0011)

EGLD - 0,09504 (+>0,0001)

AXS - 0,3001 (+0,0062)

I am down 27,31% of my initial investment in KAVA, that means I am minus 14,19$. I have gained 0.2557 KAVA from staking.

I am down 18,84% of my initial investment in ADA, I am minus 8,31$. I have gained 0.1217 ADA from staking.

I am plus 12,83% of my initial investment in DOT, I am plus 10,81$. I have gained 0.0275 DOT from staking.


I'll probably split the $60 I have in ETH around in places where the price might rise as holding Ethereum is stable for the long haul, but that is not my plan. I want to try and increase this as much as possible without taking too much risk.

$207.91 / $1.000.000

0,020791% / 100,00%

0,365 years/ 1 757years

(+427 years from last week)

Yikes this week hurt.

That's all for this week, wish me luck and don't forget to tip!

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Journey through cryptocoins

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