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Experiment: I use Publish0x to make a million - Week #16

Hit backwards a bit, the dips caused the funds to lose in value. That is to be expected in crypto.

The bot went in negative for too long so I cut it off this week. It did few trades that were green however but it doesn't like dips. Same as us, let's see how things are looking this dip.

I can't add any new funds.

I can't acquire any new funds without directly using crypto directly from Publish0x tips.

I can use my Publish0x rewards however I want to try and reach 1.000.000$

Week #16
+4.7641 AMPL
+1,12 USDT from bot


Doesn't seem like much looking at the chart, but over the last few days I am back like 15$ in this little project. Staking and such have helped to increase profits and amend few losses.

I also am holding 31,49 HBAR, 6,5 EFI, 14 PRE & 141,53 TRX, hoping I can copy my luck from my hodling shitcoins experiment by HODLing lower marketcap coins. So far EFI has doubled in value.

Current progress - $178.16

KAVA - 6,7499 (+0,8259)

ADA - 8,7317 (+0,0093)

DOT - 0,9935 (+0,2188)

USDT - 44,19 (-8,88)

I am down 8,84% of my initial investment in KAVA, that means I am minus 4,59$. I have gained 0.1774 KAVA from staking.

I am down 8,84% of my initial investment in ADA, I am minus 3,90$. I have gained 0.1007 ADA from staking.

I am plus 4,35% of my initial investment in DOT, I am plus 3,67$. I have gained 0.0191 DOT from staking.

I am up 28,69% of my initial invesment in the bot with USDT, I am plus 22,12$ and have completed 32 bot trades

Current Polka dot is the only thing still in profit out of the "big" three I chose initially. I really ought to dump Cardano somewhere and move onto something that is more solid. I guess I just want to recover my loss. Kava is also negative this week, that's alright as I can refill my bag with Kava, I am very biased with KAVA as I got lucky with them before.


$178,16 / $1.000.000

0.017816% / 100,00%

0,308 years/ 1 727years

(+253 years from last week)

+253 extra years until a mil at this pace, oof. Well one benefit is that now that things are dipping again it's easier to get in at a price that can turn more profit. Also I am still waiting for my last batch of FARM from 2/3 weeks ago, only been able to withdraw AMPL as Kucoin is way quicker and Publish0x can avoid fees.

That's all for this week, wish me luck and don't forget to tip!

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Journey through cryptocoins
Journey through cryptocoins

Shitcoins loss journey every Wednesday and Publish0x attempt to become millonaire on Fridays.

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