Crypto Newbie Week Three - a correction and the dirty dozen

It is time for my weekly update published each Friday in which you get to find out what I've learned this week and how much "free" crypto I have made.  I got to experience my first crypto market correction this past Monday which was exciting and presented some small opportunities.  I decided to delve into my free learnings crypto on Coinbase since I would get more crypto with prices low and added four new coins as a result: Stellar Lumens (XLM), The Graph (GRT), AMP (AMP) and (FET).

We did get our second gaming desktop in the house this past week, after buying it on cyber Monday, and immediately put that to use trying to mine some Ethereum (ETH) before it moves to proof of stake.  Those five new cryptos added to my previous seven give us a cool "dirty dozen" cryptos in my growing collection.

I also participated in my first couple of airdrops but am not fully comfortable with that process yet.  Each one is different and the various requirements of each (such as a specific wallet) makes me hesitant to go full guns a blazing into this world.

As for Publish0x, I've decided to focus on writing two articles a week with my weekly updates released each Friday and another article released earlier in the week on any subject I'm wanting to explore.  This week I wrote Crypto Portfolio Allocation - What is your approach? and it was my most popular article yet with over 1,170 views - thank you for your support, like, comments and also the tips which all serve as motivation to write more.  I'm still working on finding my voice here as a newbie to crypto and what others might find interesting.  I will also look to expand to other publishing outlets and see how well they perform.

After finishing week one with $3.55 worth of crypto, the total for week two jumped to $21.94 - a six-fold-plus increase.  After hitting single digits in week one and double digits in week two, could triple-digits be in the cards? 

Crypto Portfolio (after week three and prices as of 12/10/2021)

  • Bitcoin (BTC) = $74.47
  • Raven (RVN) = $15.53
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) = $9.58
  • The Graph (GRT) = $3.60
  • AMP (AMP) = $3.03
  • (FET) = $2.38
  • Ethereum (ETH) = $2.01
  • IoTex (IOTX) = $1.89
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) = $1.60
  • Harvest Finance (FARM) = $0.80
  • Ampleforth (AMPL) = $0.71
  • Doge (DOGE) = $0.29
  • TOTAL = $115.58

So the portfolio did grow to over $100 with a $93.64 increase over the past week and more than a five-fold increase overall.  I'd like to start averaging a $100 jump each week, however, $18.59 of my growth this week came from the learning modules on Coinbase and that isn't repeatable.  Without those, the growth rate would have been $75 leaving me a $25 shortfall to make up.  If you have any ideas I'm listening, please comment below.

The correction on Monday served as a reminder of how volatile cryptocurrency can be.  For someone just starting on this journey, it has no real impact other than to remind me that this isn't the stock and bond market I'm more familiar with.  I'm still looking to my old traditional investing habits but will need to tailor them to crypto if not completely rewire the way I look at these as investments.

Gaining Bitcoin through participating on Cointiply is obviously my biggest way to earn "free" crypto so far making up 64% if the total value.  The surveys can get a bit tedious, however, I spread them out throughout my day as time permits and if I have wait time for something they are ideal to pass time and earn some of the most popular crypto out there.

Mining has been a pretty fun exercise but not without its own trials and tribulations.  I will look into setting up these as pools over the holiday break moving away from solo mining.  Currently I'm focused on Ravencoin and Ethereum here given Ravencoins eventually halving (looks like next month) and Ethereums swich to proof of stake with Ethereum 2.0.  I didn't have a full week of mining for Ethereum so that will help a little bit next week.  I've also moved both of my old laptop mining efforts to Doge with their very low hash rates, in reality I just want to get to the payout threshold of 30 coins which will take forever so I'll probably get tired soon and just move a gaming desktop GPU to the coin for a bit to hit the mark and move on.

I've dabbled into some P2E (play to earn) games taking a look at The Sandbox, Gods Unchained and Thetan Arena but none have me ready to fully jump in yet.  

Next week will mark the full month (or four weeks at least) from the first time I ever really heard the phrase "blockchain" and had a clue as to what it actually meant.  It has been a fun ride so far with so much to learn in the future which is actually the best part at the moment.

Happy Friday and everyone have a great weekend ahead!

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Journey through Crypto, from Newbie to ???
Journey through Crypto, from Newbie to ???

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