Poem 1
Poem 1

By TimeMaster | Journal of an Alchemist | 29 Mar 2019

I'm here, babbling your name, like a child born into eternity.
I raise my eyelids to the darkness to see your shadowbut you ignore the heat that emanates from my body.
I don't want to be your guardian, I don't want to be your Lord.
I just want to be the sand you step on, the mirror that reflects you, the warm water
that slides through your body.
Make me your silence or your laugh, let me show you the colors of the dawn.
Then, I will go quietly sowing springs.




I'm an admirer of Pablo Neruda's poetry and Serrat's songs. Walt Whitman made me a path of Leaves of Grass, to reach the edge of infinity. Since then I am a citizen of the world.

Journal of an Alchemist
Journal of an Alchemist

Here I make my dreams

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