The Unspoken Secret in Crypto

By johnwege | johnwege | 28 Apr 2024

There is an unspoken secret in crypto that a large portion of the cryptocurrency market is in denial about. The secret is that 99.9% of the cryptocurrencies currently on the market will eventually go to a price of zero. Look to your left, and look to your right; nearly every single cryptocurrency that you see will become worthless and slowly fade away. Throughout the last few years, there has been one group in this market that has been trying to warn people about this; Bitcoin maximalists. 

Bitcoin maximalists believe there is Bitcoin, and then there is crypto. Crypto is not only a distraction from Bitcoin, but more importantly, is a place where you will lose your money. While the crypto market is still very young, Bitcoiners are the pioneers in this space. They have the most experience and have been through all of this before. Since it was created, they have seen countless cash grabs one after another.


Tokens being minted, ICOs, the newest hyped potential fads such as DeFi, NFTs, play-to-earn, move-to-earn, airdrop hunting, yield farming, rug pulls, hacks and the list goes on. 

Bitcoin maximalists have been called toxic and bad for adoption in the crypto space. There is some truth to this, and they definitely could do a much better job trying to educate people about Bitcoin. Often it isn’t what you say that is important, but how you say it.

However, try to think from the Bitcoiner’s perspective for a moment. They have already lived through all of these experiences before. They try to warn people, but they just won’t listen. These people then end up losing their money and claim that the cryptocurrency market is a horrible place. They treat the market like a casino, investing in tokens that have no real merit or use case. Tokens that are pure speculation plays in an attempt to make money. Bitcoiners also hope to make money down the line, but Maxi’s main goal is to change the world. That is the difference. One group is dedicated to its end goal, and they have lost patience with people who are getting in the way of that happening.


If you were to warn people about scams and wasting money on crypto altcoins for several years, but they keep making the same mistakes. You would eventually lose patience as well. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Bitcoin maxis have become “toxic’ over the years. It is also a defense mechanism to prevent attacks. It served them well during the block size war, and will likely be needed again as the US government continues to come out against cryptocurrency.

I’m a firm believer that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market will thrive in the future. Not only changing the world into a better place but also changing people’s lives financially forever. With that said the current form of the market will cease to exist in the future. Most of the coins you see in the market today will trend to zero. Invest wisely.

How about you? Which cryptocurrencies do you think will survive in the long term?

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