The Most Important Bitcoin You'll Ever Buy

By johnwege | johnwege | 17 Apr 2024

Nearly all of us who are investing in Bitcoin have the same goal; to accumulate as much Bitcoin as humanly possible. We have gone completely down the rabbit hole and not only believe that Bitcoin is the future. But it is the only crypto that is worth your time, most of the others simply being a distraction. Investing in Bitcoin has become a passion of ours that we look forward to doing each time we receive our paycheck. Some of us are so convinced in its future that we invest more than we should in it. Our confidence and conviction have become so strong that we cannot imagine it failing, or any other scenario where it doesn’t have a prominent role in the world.

However, sometimes it's easy to forget that we didn’t always have this much confidence in Bitcoin. In fact, it likely took us many times of hearing about Bitcoin or friends trying to convince us to buy it before we finally decided to give it a chance. When first hearing about Bitcoin, many of us had the first impression that Bitcoin was a scam or some kind of fake internet money. It didn’t make sense to us, and we didn’t even attempt to try to understand it. When presented with this technology, we didn’t have an open mind and decided to ignore it.

Bitcoiners who have been in the market for a long enough time will plead with prospective buyers to simply get off zero. That the most important purchase isn’t when you reach 1 full Bitcoin, 2 full Bitcoins, or even when you reach your accumulation goals. The truth is that the most important Bitcoin purchase you will ever make are the first Bitcoin SATS that you buy. It could be a purchase worth $5, $100, $1,000, or even $10,0000. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is finally taking the plunge and buying your first SATS.

Something changes after you finally have skin in the game. You begin more interested in the market, and more willing to learn. For some odd reason, many people cannot fully understand this market until they finally own their own Bitcoin. 


After making your first BTC purchase it is like the veil blocking your eyes has been removed and you can finally see the world for how it really operates. You begin to go down the rabbit hole and become interested in macro and world events. You begin to take an interest in government finances and unsurmountable debt. You finally learn how money works and become financially literate. Being able to budget your money, invest, and often become an entrepreneur. After entering the Bitcoin market there is no turning back and you will realize how naive and ignorant you were to the world around you. 

After this initial investment period that is when the accumulation race finally starts. You have bought your first Bitcoin, fully understand it, and believe it is the future. Perhaps your first accumulation goal was to own 1 full Bitcoin. But now you have come to realize that you will never be able to own enough Bitcoin. You’ll feel FOMO each time that Bitcoin’s price begins to rise and we enter a bull market that you don’t own enough.


Many people will feel that the Bitcoin buys where they reach their accumulation goals, or the buys that finally make them rich are the most important Bitcoin purchases that they’ll ever make. However, the truth is that the most important Bitcoin buy will always be your first. The moment when you decided to take the plunge into a risky asset that was the complete opposite of everything that you’ve come to know. The moment when you decided to make a change, attempted to be a part of something that could change the world and began planning for your future. Your first Bitcoin buy is the moment when you changed your life.

How about you? What convinced you to finally buy Bitcoin?

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