The Crypto Skill That Will Make You Successful

By johnwege | johnwege | 3 Nov 2021

As the cryptocurrency market prices continue to go up, I have found myself in more of a reflective state of mind.  Thinking about all the things I did and sacrificed to put me in the position that I find myself today.  Did I put enough time in to learn, research and find the best coins?  Did I go all-in and maximize my capital investments into the space?  After a lot of self-reflection I thankfully determined that I truly did everything I could and have no regrets.

A question that I get all the time is how can you make it in the cryptocurrency market? How can you make money and perhaps even start blogging about crypto? The simplest answer is that you just have to get started, get off zero and remain committed. Having patience is one of the most important traits, if not the most important trait that a person can have in this industry.  There was a quote that I came across on one of the various crypto podcasts that I listen to that connected with how I feel.

"What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do in 10 years"

Having curiosity, being open-minded, and being self-motivated are the most important things in crypto.

This comment was made in regard to crypto.  But I think we can generalize this statement even further.  The things that you do during your free time will determine the type of future that you have.  We have all heard this type of quote before, but it is often said for a reason, and that is because it's true.  Many people aren't satisfied with their current place in life.  This could be because of their financial situation, job, or a variety of other things as well.  If you just go to work, then come home and watch Netflix, tv, or play games.  Then nothing will change.   But, if you come home and put the work in, then you can change your life immensely.  Putting in the work could be learning a new skill, starting a side business, having a part-time job, or putting time and effort into cryptocurrency. The options are limitless.  I will say this though; it is the people who put in the time and research during the bear market of 2018 that are benefitting greatly today. They also maintained patience and persistence; two important traits.  Most likely their financial fortunes have been changed forever.  

Now, why is putting the time and research into crypto important? After all, it appears right now that you can make money with just about any coin.  The reason for that is if you weren't in the know if you didn't know exactly where prices were probably heading during this bull run and beyond, then there is a good chance that you would have already sold.  Imagine buying Bitcoin at $3k, Ethereum at $80, Cardano at $0.02, or even imagine buying Solana at $2.00.  All of those things were possible to do within the last two years.  But just as it is today, when prices drop, people become fearful and then never buy.


While I think the blue chips of crypto will continue to go up in value, we will never see those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities again. But, there will be more opportunities.  This market is incredibly young.  One of those new areas is NFTs.  While some of the most popular NFTs are already too expensive for the average user.  Always remember that those expensive NFTs started very cheaply.  And today there is the same type of opportunities with cheaper NFTs that may become valuable someday. 

So what can you do?

This is my approach and admittedly it may be too much for the average person.  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have consumed my life.  Before work, I am catching up on all the news, trends, and announcements.  After work is more of the same.  My main source of entertainment has stopped being Netflix or movies, but now videos/interviews learning about new projects and also ones that I'm already a fan of.  I also devote time to projects that I'm not a fan of.  I find it a great way to keep my views unbiased and also stay well-informed.  While driving or riding trains I do not listen to music, but am always listening to crypto-focused podcasts.  And then I explore every inch of the market on the internet.  If I don't know about something or am little informed about an aspect of crypto, I make sure to devote time to learning about it.  A few months ago, I was not a fan of NFTs, and to be honest I knew very little about them.  But the NFT hype was everywhere, so I had to give in and finally devote time to them.  I came away a different person and my mind had been changed about them forever.

The crypto market is all about knowing; knowledge is power.  The market is so young that if you can find even just a little edge, that is all you need to be successful.  It has worked out great for me and I know that it can for you too.  To change your life, all you need to do is to put in the time and effort, and that means giving up nights and weekends if you want it badly enough.  The question is, do you want it badly enough?

How about you? Are you investing enough time into crypto during your free time? What does your schedule look like?



As always, thank you for reading!


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