My Next Bitcoin and Ethereum Venture

By johnwege | johnwege | 2 Jun 2021

Throughout the last year I have been trying to put myself out into the cryptocurrency world more and more.  While initially I was mostly a lurker; I then began writing posts.  If you have been following me since I began writing; you will probably have seen the journey that I was going through as well.  When I first began writing, I wrote about anything and everything.  I ventured into the altcoin forest and went after the newest and greatest hidden gems.  I was on the hunt for the next big thing, and I was excited to share my research and findings here.  But as time went by, my interest in trading waned and I became focused on what I call the blue-chips of crypto; mostly bitcoin and also ethereum.  It was at this time that I became zero'd in on the true mission of this game.  That mission is; accumulating as much bitcoin and ethereum as you possibly can.  Therefore a majority of my articles then dealt with bitcoin and ethereum and I found a nice niche on a few blogging sites.  But as my portfolio grew, and the more confident I grew about where the bitcoin/ethereum markets were heading; that is when my latest focus began.

The most recent focus of mine has been to grow my own passive income in cryptocurrency; but especially with bitcoin and ethereum.  Aiming to earn enough each much to retire if I desire to.  This has led me down the rabbit hole of lending, staking, covered calls, mining and much more.  It has been a life changing journey; even though I haven't quite reached my goals yet.  

This leads me to my next venture.

I love writing articles on these blogging websites, and that will not stop.  I really do enjoy sharing my current thoughts about bitcoin, ethereum, crypto and also earning a passive income.  It is one of my greatest passions.  But there isn't the amount of interaction, or back and forth that I am seeking.  And therefore, I would like to announce that I am starting a podcast.

Yes, a podcast.


When I say "I" am starting a podcast, let me clarify that it will be a duo podcast; featuring someone with more crypto experience and knowledge than even me.  My brother.  Every week we are already having multiple hour phone calls talking about everything bitcoin, ethereum, the market, cryptocurrency, and also anything dealing with investing. So we decided that we would make it a more structured format, add a little more professionalism to it, and share it with you as a podcast.  We will also be putting it out on YouTube as well. 

What kind of Podcast will it be?

That's a great question.  As you all know; my cryptocurrency preference leads heavily towards bitcoin.  But his preference leads towards ethereum.  This will be a great equalizer, and should balance out the podcast quite nice.  While we both have our preferences, we are both very open-minded and willing to listen to other's opinions.  This should bring out some great discussions and great debates that you may not find anywhere else where the show may lean too heavily towards one bias.

Some background about my brother.  His name is Michael, and he is a true cryptocurrency OG.  In fact, he is the one who got me into crypto.  Several, several years ago when bitcoin was cheaper than I would like to admit. Before ethereum was even around. He came to trying to convince me to get into bitcoin. Start mining BTC with him.  When Ethereum was just starting up he came to me in excitement and tried to get me into the market and mine that as well.  Naturally I ignored him; while he continued to invest.  Finally I would smarten up and get into cryptocurrency, but I do wish I had gotten in when he first tried explaining in to me. He has great tech knowledge of the workings of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ether and how blockchain works in general.  

We share the same passions; cryptocurrency and the crypto market, growing passive income, investing and retiring early.  And that is what you can expect to learn about on our show.  

The show will begin as a weekly podcast.  We will go over the weekly news; giving our thoughts and opinions on each item.  We will then delve into our current mindset or thoughts of the week; having a featured topic.  Continuing onto the prices of BTC, ETH and other coins; and our prognosis for what we expect.  And then we will go through listener questions.  In future we will of course bring guests onto the show as well.  Nothing will be off-limits

This is our fist time doing this, so our first few shows could be a disaster.  But we will work at it and improve.  We would love to grow our own community of cryptocurrency fans, who are very passionate, but yet very open-minded and not toxic. Not only a great show to listen to, but hopefully a place that is fun to hangout, can take some great things away from it, and maybe even make some friends as well.


We are still in the preparing stages.  Getting equipment, software and having discussions for how we will operate.  But the first show should launch within two weeks, but for sure before the end of June.


As we want to have a great and valued community.  We want to involve you in the naming of our show.  We do have a few ideas already, but we are hoping that you can think of an idea that is even better. So please comment your ideas down below.

Podcasts have always been my favorite way to interact with things that I've been interested in.  Be it games, movies, books, cryptocurrency, investing and the list goes on.  We are very excited to be making our own, and we hope that you will come along on this journey with us.  I will post more information when we are getting ready to launch.


We need your help.  What do you think would be a great name for the podcast? And, what kind of podcast or format would you like to see?


As always, thank you for reading!

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