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My Crypto Portfolio

By johnwege | johnwege | 9 Aug 2022

Since I first got into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency several years ago, it's safe to say that it has taken over my life.  I see the world completely different compared to how I viewed it before going down the crypto rabbit hole.  While admittedly, there have been some drawbacks to joining this industry, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.  Life-changing in-fact. I feel confident that as the years go by, and I look back on my life.  That I will most likely consider getting into crypto as one of the best decisions I ever made. 

Perhaps many of you that are reading this article are similar to me.  I will often eat, sleep and think about crypto. Constantly keeping up to date on the news, newest developments, and things that are on the horizon.  This constant effort to keep up to date, or perhaps addiction, has benefitted me greatly over the last few months.  I credit it to be the sole reason that I was able to escape from the summer of CeFi lending collapses unscathed. I was able to see the FUD that was coming out of those places and immediately ran for the exits.  With that said, there is one thing that I obsess about more than the market, the newest developments, and so on.  Naturally, it is my crypto portfolio.  I am constantly thinking about which basket of crypto coins I should include in my portfolio.  Which approach should I take, a balanced and diversified portfolio, or a highly-concentrated approach?  Should I just be buying and holding, or should I be buying crypto that can earn me passive-income passive income by staking as well?  And then there is the question if I should try to get in on the latest crypto trends to potentially obtain those easy gains.  Ranging from recent popular trends such as ICO several years ago, to DeFi tokens during DeFi summer, then onto MEME coins, NFTs, and also Metaverse plays.

Before we dive into my crypto portfolio, there is something that you need to be aware of.  For works for you, may not work for me.  Several variables come into play.  For example when we first got into the crypto markets.  For example, I got into the market when Bitcoin was much, much cheaper and so the portfolio might have a heavier weight on that asset than it might have had if I was just starting my crypto journey today.  The same goes for Ethereum as well.  Other factors are people's ages and risk appetite.  Crypto is risky enough, and some people may prefer to be safer by choosing a steadier horse, while others may be trying to make it all in one trade, and therefore might be more interested in investing in low-cap coins.  Other factors may include what your end goal is, how long you plan to be in the market, and the list goes on.  There is a good chance that my portfolio will look much different than yours, and might not own your favorite coin.  One last thing I would like to note. For privacy reasons I will not state the exact amount of each crypto that I own, but instead will say what percentage of it is in my portfolio. I've been very fortunate to get into crypto quite early and so even if a crypto asset is only 1% of my portfolio, please remember that is quite a bit of money.

So without further delay, let's discuss my portfolio.

The first thing you need to know is that my portfolio has been something that has been constantly evolving. While a few of the assets have been mainstays, the others have been constantly changing.  This reflects my journey through crypto quite well in my opinion.  I've gone through my days of being 100% Bitcoin only.  I've also gone through stages of exploring the altcoin forest and trading as well.  And then back and forth.  One thing is for certain.  My goal has always been to build a portfolio that will help me to retire and enjoy life to the fullest.  My goal with crypto, even during my trading days, has been to accumulate as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as possible.  If I would make a great trade or get paid for blogging about crypto, I would always convert those earnings into one of those two assets.


Notable Coins That I have Gotten Ridden Of Over the Years

Over the years I have always been on the lookout for what might be the next big thing in crypto. Because of that, there have been several projects over the years that have caught my eye and got me excited about them.  But as time would go by, many of these projects would lose my favor or interest and I would eventually drop them.  A few of them grew large enough in value that I decided it was time to swap them for more BTC or ETH.  These coins may be great projects, and just because I dropped them, doesn't mean that they are bad projects.  It just meant that they weren't for me. Over the years, some of these projects included Cardano, Chainlink, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos, Solana, Polkadot, BNB and the list goes on.

I also should mention that I am a large holder of the stablecoin USDC, but I don't consider that a crypto asset, and that won't be included in my list.

2. Ethereum 12%


Yes, it is true, right now I am mostly holding onto only two crypto assets.  The first is Ethereum.  This will be shocking for many people and many will probably disagree with my approach.  With my investing, I prefer to have a highly-concentrated portfolio.  While it is riskier than a highly diversified portfolio when prices do increase the gains are much more magnified. I also prefer to only invest in things that I'm passionate about.  While that NFT or new MEME project may offer incredible gains.  Frankly, they just don't interest me.  One of my greatest strengths is using my great passion and energy to dive deep into the projects that I'm interested in and use that knowledge to my advantage.  If I wasn't interested in what I was investing into, there's a high chance I would just lose interest and eventually leave the market.

Now onto Ethereum.  As of this point, I believe that there are only two must-own assets in crypto, and they are also the only blue chips in the space as well.  They are Bitcoin and Ethereum.  It must be noted that there is still risk with those two assets, more so with Ethereum, but they are about as safe as it comes when it comes to crypto.  I believe that the next few years are going to be very bullish times for ETH.  The long-awaited initial protocol upgrades to merge into 1 Proof-of-Stake chain are nearly upon us.  That will also bring down the inflation rate of bitcoin by nearly 90%, essentially making ETH a deflationary chain.  The staking rewards after the merge are about to drastically go up as well.  Some are expecting it to go up by double or even more.  Something that will cause more people to run towards Ethereum.  The ETH ecosystem is continuing to grow as well.  Layer 2's on ETH are helping to scale the chain that will help bring back users to the chain that may have left for other competing layer 1's.  I would argue that the current price of Ethereum is incredibly cheap.  I have been trying to accumulate as much as possible before the merge takes place.  All the while trying to build up my passive income with ETH staking for the future.



1. Bitcoin 88%


Those who have been reading my articles for any length of time won't be surprised to see that Bitcoin is the coin that I own the most.  I was fortunate to get into Bitcoin quite early, which helped me to accumulate a nice amount.  Also, it's just the coin that I most often prefer to buy.  The reason for that is that is it the crypto asset that I believe in the most, and also has the best chance to succeed.  In my opinion, the last two years with covid changed everything and sped up the adoption of crypto by at least ten years.  Even though they sold some Bitcoin due to cashflow issues, a few years ago, most of us could have never imagined a company like Tesla putting bitcoin on their balance sheet. Or let alone, a CEO like Michael Saylor going all in.  We wouldn't have been able to imagine a country making BTC legal tender in their country, let alone 2 countries doing it.  We might now have believed you if you said that Lightning was being used in El Salvador and it was working pretty well.  That its popularity was taking off. Those things all happened in less than 24 months.  Just think about what might happen over the next ten years.  

As I mentioned before, I view crypto as an incredibly excited, but also risky investing venture.  In this field, I view bitcoin as the safest.  When my friends who are thinking about getting into crypto ask me which coin to buy, I will almost always recommend bitcoin. Just like Ethereum, I think that the price of bitcoin right now is incredibly cheap.  Five or ten years later, we will look back at these current prices with deep regret and wish we had a time machine that would allow us to go back in time and buy more.

With that said, I am currently on the lookout for a 3rd mainstay coin to add to my portfolio.  During the last few years, I had considered Polkadot, Solana, and a few others.  But for some reason, they didn't make the final cut.  And so, within the next year, I am looking to add a substantial amount and grow my portfolio into 3 mainstay crypto assets.  However, I still believe that the name of the game in crypto is to accumulate as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as you can before prices get out of hand.  And so for the moment, that is what I am focusing on.


How about you? What does your crypto portfolio look like?



As always, thank you for reading!

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