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By johnwege | johnwege | 28 Jan 2022

The market is continuing to change and that means we must adjust our cryptocurrency strategies as well if we want to be successful.  As my years in the crypto market have grown, my portfolio has changed a lot during that time too.  Upon entering the market, I was focused only on bitcoin.  Later on, I would enter the Altcoins forest and take a try at trading.  While having success, I would later go back to being bitcoin only.  It was the asset that I had the most conviction in and was the "reason" to be in the crypto market.  

Something that you need to know about my investing style is that I prefer to have a highly-concentrated portfolio; rather than a highly-diversified portfolio.  While a diversified portfolio spreads your net wider, giving you a better chance to have a coin that increases in value.  Having a higher-concentrated portfolio greatly increases your potential profits.  This allows me to accumulate much faster as well. Your strategy may be different and that's okay, to each their own. 

After I accumulated an amount of bitcoin that I was satisfied with, I then began adding Ethereum to my portfolio. I prefer to stick to the blue-chip coins that I feel very confident about; rather than chasing possible 100x pumps from smaller coins.  At least, not until I was completely satisfied with both my BTC and ETH positions.  Over the years, I have added other coins into my portfolio; via spot purchasing and also by airdrops but would later convert them for either bitcoin or Ethereum. I have never sold for cash.  Some of these coins that I once had but would later get rid of were Cardano, Litecoin, XRP, Chainlink, Solana, and the list goes on and on.  Just because I got rid of these coins, doesn't mean that it's a bad project, or that you shouldn't own them.  But, there were things that I saw with the project that I wasn't a fan of.  

Thankfully, I have done well enough in crypto that I don't need to be chasing gains with projects that I'm not passionate about.  While these are investments for me; crypto is also my hobby and this makes it infinitely times more enjoyable for me.  

So without further delay, let's take a look at my current portfolio.  Also please remember, that while a coin may represent a small percentage of my portfolio, it is still a large amount of money due to the size of my portfolio.

Recently Eliminated:


1) Solana


This was a difficult coin to trade out of my position and I may join back in someday.  At one point I was a big fan of Solana and the great potential the blockchain has.  I viewed it as a great insurance plan for anyone who was invested heavily in Ethereum.  But the blockchain kept breaking, resulting in me losing a lot of trust in the project. What good is a cryptocurrency, if you can't depend on it when you need it?  After it broke down multiple times; I traded out of my position.

My Portfolio 


4) USDC Coin 2%


As the crypto market continues to look a little bearish, I have been growing my USDC stablecoin position.  The first reason is that it is an easy way to earn a passive income by lending it out.  Often you can find lending rates of around 9 or 10% on centralized lending exchanges, and more if you venture into DeFi. The second reason is that I'm wanting to be ready and sit on the sideline for a potential deep dip to take advantage.  The market is a little spooked right now, but my confidence in the future of this market has never been higher. I'm ready to take advantage of the market. This position is only temporary and will be converted to some other coin in the future.

3) Polkadot 3%


While as funny as it may sound with the project being down so far from its all-time high price.  Now approaching 70%. This is a project that I'm a big fan of and think it has great potential.  But it is with the expectation of this being a long-term play. A blockchain that is basically what ETH 2 is hoping to be, and also interoperable are countless chains, gives it amazing potential. Then add the fact that you can stake for an APR of 12% or higher, and that makes it an even more enticing opportunity.  Also, recently Polkadot had parachain auctions launch on its blockchain, which is a hugely bullish thing.  This is what led up to its all-time high right before bitcoin took a dive and pulled Polkadot back down in price.  Meaning that I believe Polkadot has a lot of price potential that it can still reach towards.

2) Ethereum 11%


Ethereum is a coin that should be in every portfolio.  The leader of smart contract chains in terms of adoption and ecosystem, and it isn't even close. If, and this is a big if, Ethereum can deliver on all of the ETH2 updates and even the updates that were once called ETH3.  Then, the current price of Ethereum will be a steal that everyone will regret not buying more of.  Add in the fact that you can stake ETH for a passive income and that makes it look even better.  While the ETH layer 1 chain is currently unusable in my opinion due to extremely high gas fees.  Something that is being overlooked is the recent progress of ETH layer 2 chains and side chains.  This will be a catalyst in the short-term that revitalizes the ETH ecosystem in my opinion while we are waiting for the full launch of ETH2.

1) Bitcoin 84%


Finally, we have bitcoin.  If you have followed me for any amount of time, you will already know that this is the coin that I'm the biggest fan of.  While it is a great way to invest and make money; I think it truly has the potential to change the world.  Last year El Salvador made bitcoin their legal tender, and there have been heavy rumors that multiple other countries will do this same this year as well.  Then taking into account the recent surge of popularity of BTC's layer 2 chain, Lightning.  At the time of writing bitcoin's price is about $37k.  While many people feel this is a lot of money, in the grand scheme of things and where bitcoin is going. This is incredibly cheap.  The world is moving towards a bitcoin standard and I just hope you have planned and have accumulated as much as you possibly can.

So there you have it.  As I said before, I prefer to have a higher concentrated portfolio and am most likely missing many coins that you have in your portfolio.  I am always on the lookout for new exciting possibilities and would love to hear the make-up of your portfolio.

How about you? What coins are in your crypto portfolio?



As always, thank you for reading!

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