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By johnwege | johnwege | 29 Nov 2022

Today is the last day of November and that once again means it is my favorite time of the month.  The time when I calculate all of my crypto-related earnings for the entire month.  If you are new, this is part of an ongoing monthly series that I write chronicling my journey towards reaching financial freedom.  I don't write these articles to boast but instead, write them for two purposes.  The first is that it helps to see my own results and keeps me motivated to continue working towards my goals.  The second is that I hope someone reading this article will be motivated to begin their own journey toward financial freedom.

All good things come to an end.  November is both the end of something that treated me quite well and also the start of something new that I hope will have great potential in the future.

As for the things that came to an end.  As most of you may already know, I was very active in the crypto lending market.  Lending Bitcoin was one of my most successful methods to make passive income.  Often netting me several hundred dollars worth of interest. I was always very aware of the potential risk that lending out crypto to 3rd parties included, and therefore always kept an extremely close eye on the market for any potential FUD thrown towards these services.  Always being ready to withdraw my funds at any hint of foul play.  Over the last two years, this resulted in me hopping around and switching between several lending services.  Starting with BlockFi, then switching to Celsius, then to Ledn, to Nexo, and finally to FTX.  I successfully withdrew all of my crypto from these services, but have decided to no longer lend out crypto.  At least for quite some time until the market settles down.  Instead, I will be prioritizing the safety of the crypto that I already own, and perhaps take more of an interest in staking.  Which is a much safer way to earn a passive income with your crypto.  With that said, since Bitcoin lending was such a large percentage of my monthly crypto earnings, I will need to work extra hard to replace that large hole.

However, there are also good new beginnings as well. Two months ago, I decided to try out posting on Medium in hopes of adding another method of crypto earning.  It took me a few weeks to reach Medium partner status, and November was my first full month of earnings. The results totally exceeded my expectations.  More of which I will go into detail down below.  This month alone I increased my follower amount by more than 3x and increased earnings by more than 5x.  Since I'm so new to the platform, I'm not sure whether this was just a great month, or perhaps the start of something great.  But, I'm excited to keep trying.

Other than those two things that I wanted to share.  My crypto-related earning methods this month continued to be the same as usual.  Writing about crypto on places such as Publish0x, Medium,, and Hive.  I also was hired for a freelance writing job as well.  I eliminated crypto lending from my earnings and instead will be putting a larger focus on staking.

Because I eliminated my largest earning method, I still had great results that greatly exceeded my expectations this month.  Especially during the middle of the bear market.  It gives me hope for the future and the potential it may have.


Cryptocurrency Blogging




As always, Publish remained my most consistent earner.  It has in my opinion one of the best communities in crypto with real interactions and where people are excited to learn and share.  As we are currently in the middle of a bear cycle, I have begun to increase the number of articles that I'm writing each week in hopes of accumulating more.


As of writing this article I have now reached 6,630 followers on Publish0x.  Thank you all for your support and for reading my articles.  I'm gradually inching closer to my next goal of reaching 7,000 followers.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my articles and follow my blog.

Publish0x Total = $50.13

In November, my performance was once again very low.  Especially when compared to how it used to be one of my best performers.  This now makes it two straight months of underperforming here.  I'm beginning to think that perhaps the best days of posting at have come to an end. Total = $13.50


Hive / LeoFinance

My earnings on both Hive and dipped this month.  I remain confident in the service and think brighter days will come once the market recovers.

Hive = $30.38 LeoFinance  =  $6.34

Combined Total = $36.72



Since I have begun using Substack I have seen slow and steady growth. With that said, I have never seen the great numbers that I tend to see on my other platforms.  And gaining paid members is a task that I haven't been successful at yet.  I'm beginning to lose hope in the platform and may quit using it in the future.

Substack Total = $0




I was blown away by the success that I had on Medium during the month.  After just two months of use, (1 of being paid), Medium has become my largest earner and it isn't even close.  With that said, I am interested if this has been more of a lucky fluke, or signs of even bigger things that are yet to come.  I had some articles that performed very well and I'm wondering if I will be able to keep up that pace.  Although just like other platforms, as your number of followers increases, it becomes easier to have success.  


Medium Total = $535



Freelance Writing

I was offered a freelance crypto writing gig writing for a crypto company.  Thanks to the exposure that I have from my crypto writing, I am sometimes offered these gigs.

Freelance Writing Total = $120


Cryptocurrency Blogging Total = $755.35


Crypto Staking



0.015145 ETH = $18.17

I continue to stake a portion of my Ethereum on Kraken to earn a weekly interest rate.  My ETH is currently locked into the protocol until a future ETH protocol upgrade is released.  I have had no complaints about using Kraken to stake ETH.  With that said, they do charge 15%.  This means that when my ETH is finally unlocked, I will be shopping around for better options.

Kraken Total = $18.17


Crypto Lending & Staking Total = $18.17



Coinbase Earn

 = 0


Coinbase Earn Total = 0




My SWEAT token airdrop continued to be gradually unlocked which I promptly sold off for more BTC.  While it is free money and I can't complain, I am still disappointed with how quickly this coin has dropped in value.

SWEAT - $5 (unlocked) 


Airdrops Total = $5



Miscellaneous Total = $5


Total November Earnings = $778.52


Overall, I'm very satisfied with how November turned out.  Especially with the results, I had at Medium. I'm interested if it can become a consistent earner, or if I was just lucky this month.  It looks like we might be soon reaching the end of the bear market within the next few months and I'm doing my best to accumulate as much as I can before prices begin to recover.

How about you? What have you been doing to earn crypto income?

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