My Crypto Earnings (February)

My Crypto Earnings (February)

By johnwege | johnwege | 1 Mar 2021

We have officially entered the month of March and as always, the beginning of the month is my favorite time.  It is the time that I calculate my cryptocurrency earnings for the month.  This is an ongoing series that I write to track my own progress, help to motivate myself, and also with the hopes that it might help to motivate someone else to begin their journey in trying to jumpstart their own crypto earnings.  While my earnings are not what I would consider a giant amount, but I have worked very hard to raise them to the point they are today, and will work even harder to grow them even further.

But what is the end goal of this? My dream is to grow my earnings to a large enough point where if I choose to I could retire from my job, or move to anywhere in the world that I please.  I will allow me to have options.

Up until this point my methods for obtaining crypto earnings have been by lending out cryptocurrency, staking, and blogging.  But as the prices of bitcoin and ethereum having been rising; it has forced me to adjust my strategy for how to continue to accumulate a significant amount of these coins, but also to continue growing that income as well.  This has led me to mining ethereum.

During the month of February my earnings reached a new record and this is due to a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, the price of coins goin up helped me immensely.  My biggest earner is lending out bitcoin, and since the price went up that also means my rewards value in terms of dollars also increased.  But the area that I am most proud of has been my increase in income coming from blogging. My follower numbers have been steadily increasing and this has made it easier for my articles to find a viewer base.  This success has motivated me to double-down my efforts and try even harder in the future. 

At the beginning of 2021, it was my goal to reach a crypto income of over $2,000 per month, and I'm very happy that I have almost already reached the halfway point of that goal.

Without further delay, let's dig into this.






During the month of February my earnings ended up being $110.57.  About a week ago their were actually even 30% higher, but with the recent price drop, it has had an affect on my bottom line.  Publish0x continues to be one of my favorite places to be and post on the internet.  Generally the community is very friendly, and there have been some truly extraordinary comments on some of my articles . This month I have finally reached over 2,000 followers with a final tally of 2,282.  I have set difficult goal for myself and hope to reach 3,000 by the end of March. 



The last few months I have been increasing my posting schedule.  Before I was posting about 2 times per week, but I have now doubled that.  And that has of course increased the earnings amount, but has had a great affect on the amount of new followers.  I try to put a lot of effort into each of my posts and I hope that shines through to everyone that reads my articles.

Publish0x Total = 110.57

Hive / LeoFinance 

The Hive platform again in February far-surpassed my expectations and has become my biggest blogging platform in terms of earnings.  This was made possible by also posting using LeoFinance as well.  My articles here are very hit or miss.  For every 5 of my articles, perhaps 4 of them find very little traction.  But 1 of them does extremely well making up for the rest of the group.  Just a few months ago I was losing hope for this platform, and was beginning to think about giving up on it, but I'm very glad I didn't. Right now I am focusing on trying to become more consistent on this platform.  

Total = $163.33 is another platform that has been doing very well for me recently as well.  Last year I earning next to nothing on the platform, but it the website has gone through a transformation and seems to be a much better platform for authors who put high amounts of effort into their posts.  I love the fact that I can withdraw my earnings at anytime as well.  Here I have reached 143 followers, and am fast approaching my goal of 200.  I hope to achieve that before the end of April.

Total = 138.22



Another month has gone by and I have not made any money from Uptrennd.  That is mostly my own fault, because I have been spending most of my rewards on either leveling up my profile to hopefully help me out more in the future, and also promoting my posts.  My goal with Uptrennd isn't to make any money there, but has shifted to try build up my following more.  By gaining followers on Uptrennd, or people following me on Twitter and more.

Total = $0.00


My current approach with Substack is very similar to what I'm doing at Uptrennd. All of my content there is free and naturally I don't make any money off of it.  Right now I am just trying to build up my own community there of sign-ups and am excited to see what happens.  It is my biggest experiment by far.  I have been focusing a lot on trying to build up my twitter as well, and these two can really go in tandem.  It will be interesting to see how this develops over the year.








Lending out a portion of my bitcoin on BlockFi, continues to be my money maker.  My interest was a little bit down this month, but that is solely due to the fact that February is a much shorter month.  Otherwise I average more than 0.01 btc interest here monthly.  I have quickly gone from having the idea of when will I sell my bitcoin, to having an idea that I will never sell my btc.  BlockFi has been a steady horse that I have been able to really count on the last few years. 

0.00926500 BTC ($435)

I highly recommend using BlockFi, you can sign up here!


Celsius  BTC = 0.00084 ($40.00)

As my portfolio size in BlockFi has increased to a significant amount, I have start diverting BTC over to Celsius.  I do love the fact that you can withdraw anytime you want to, and they pay out their interest on a weekly basis.  I have heard that there will also be a credit card offering from them and I'm excited to hear about at. 


Nexo BTC 0.00001326 ($0.62)

Recently when the price of BTC was low,  I used some of my BTC as collateral and took out a loan at Nexo to buy more BTC.  Just in-case the price of BTC would drop significantly I have some extra BTC here to add to my collateral wallet.  While it is gaining some interest, that isn't the intent of this action, but more just having security for my funds.


Ethereum - 0.02353 ETH ($35.00)

I use Kraken to stake some of my Ethereum and I have been very pleased with the results.  I don't have a huge amount of ETH staked here, but it is already becoming a decent sized amount each month.  The process has been very easy and smooth and I would recommend it to people that are in ethereum for the long-haul.  I






Ethereum - ($0.00) Will Calculate Starting Next Month

My newest venture to accumulate more ethereum is by mining.  In February I purchased all of my machine and have been getting it all set up and ready. Because of this I decided not to include in this months earnings, and will post it beginning next month when I have more substantial numbers.  I think this will be a great opportunity to accumulate a good amount of ethereum, for much less than what it would cost to spot purchase it.  I probably will have only 1 year to do this before ETH 2.0 fully launches, but that will be enough time to make this a successful venture.




This has been a wonderful month and I can't wait to see what happens next month as well.  Each day I can't wait to wake up and see the new developments within the cryptocurrency market, and how I will further my own journey towards my own goals.  I have done much better with blogging than I thought would ever be possible.  For March my areas of focuses will be putting even more effort into blogging, lending out BTC and ETH, Staking ETH, and also mining ETH. 

What have you been doing to make your crypto income!? What has worked well? And what hasn't worked?


As always, thank you for reading!



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