Don’t Make This Crypto Mistake: The #1 Regret That’ll Haunt You!

By johnwege | johnwege | 21 Feb 2024

The longer you are in the cryptocurrency market, the more you begin to realize that everyone has much more in common than they originally thought. We are all on the same journey, but just at different points on that journey.

Some have already made it big and become wealthy. Others are hoping to achieve those results this next cycle, and others the cycle after that.

The interesting thing is that no matter who you talk to in this market and how successful they are. We all share the same regret in this market.

We all regret not doing more.

Bitcoin and crypto is a market that is unlike anything else out there. There are endless opportunities to make money, but the only thing holding you back is you.

After you have been in crypto for an entire 4-year cycle you begin to look back at all of the mistakes you made. Even more importantly, you will begin to think about all the things you could have done that would have propelled you into making a fortune.

The natural first thought that everyone has is the cryptocurrency that went parabolic that they missed out on. One of my personal missed opportunities was Dodgecoin. Several years back I owned several millions of tokens. At the time it was a pure meme token that most agreed wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually, I sold into Ethereum and Bitcoin, but if I had held on it would have been worth millions.

But we can’t get caught up on that.


Missing out on certain tokens is inevitable. As I mentioned before. The cryptocurrency market is full of endless opportunities, and you will miss several of them. To begin to become successful in this market you have to accept that you won’t be able to catch all of them.

We simply need to pick and choose wisely. The great thing is that we just need to hit on just a couple to completely change our financial destiny.

The real regret that everyone has in crypto is that they feel that they didn’t do enough.

When prices are plummeting and there is fear in the market. Those are the days that it almost makes you sick to buy. They are also the times that you begin to second guess your conviction and if you made the right decision to invest so heavily in this market.

People become content, bored, or lose interest. And this is when the danger comes into play.

When the bull market finally comes around prices begin soaring. That is when our fatal mistake is shown clearly to us. It’s at that moment that we know we could have dedicated ourselves much harder to build up our portfolio.


If only would would have put more money into the market. We regret unnecessary impulse purchases and not doing anything possible to earn more money. In the moment it feels like we are putting everything possible into the market. But as prices surge, we all realize that we could have done even more.

Sacrifice today, to live a better tomorrow.

That is the philosophy I have lived by for the last several years in crypto, and it is also what I attribute most of my success to.

Nothing is guaranteed and everything could go to zero. But if you work harder, find great assets, and stay in the market for multiple cycles. You will have incredible success.

How about you? What is your #1 regret in crypto?

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