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By johnwege | johnwege | 22 Jan 2023

When we first enter the crypto market and fully fall down the rabbit hole we all had initial goals of how much crypto we were hoping to able to accumulate. For many, the dream was to own 1 full Bitcoin. For others, it might have been to own 32 Ethereum. Enough to run your own validator and earn passive income forever by staking. Whichever coin you were interested in, it’s likely that you had a certain number in mind that you would be thrilled to reach.

My Approach

For me, that initial goal was to accumulate 1 full Bitcoin. At the time it seemed like a monumental task that would be near impossible. However, through hard work, patience, growing passive income streams, and always buying and taking advantage of price dips. I was able to accomplish this goal. 

Initially, I planned on accumulating 1 full Bitcoin and then I would stop investing in crypto altogether. But during the journey of striving towards this goal and actually reaching it, something changed. Once you become passionate about Bitcoin and crypto, other financial assets seem a little less interesting or worth your time. I had gained full conviction on where I thought the future that crypto was heading towards, and how incredible future prices could be. And so I decided I needed to accumulate more.

The next goal was to accumulate 2 BTC, which changed to 3 BTC, then 5, then 10. The interesting thing is that the longer I’ve been investing in crypto, the way I think about my portfolio goals has changed.



As I just mentioned, in the past my portfolio goals were set to reaching milestones of full coin numbers. Owning 1 BTC, then 2, 3, and so on. But as time went by, I found it more satisfying to focus on shorter-term goals. Accumulating 1 full Bitcoin will seem like an intimidating task to many. Instead, I like to set monthly accumulation goals. Where I’m forced to find ways to make this goal a reality by the end of the month. Currently, my monthly Bitcoin goal is to accumulate somewhere in the range of 0.05–0.10 BTC each month. 

In the past I would do this by spot purchasing from my salary, using crypto writing income, freelance work, selling things around the house, and in the past, I lent out crypto as well. However, that last method I would no longer recommend considering current market conditions.

In addition to monthly goals, I also set daily goals. It’s my hope to end each day with more Bitcoin than when I began the day. This forces me to find a way or method to move closer to my goals. By achieving this daily, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to progress on your Bitcoin accumulation journey.



Similar to Bitcoin, when I first began investing in Ethereum, I had a set number that I was hoping to reach. For me, this goal was to own 32 ETH. Please keep in mind this was significantly cheaper back then when Ethereum’s price was much lower. The reason 32 ETH was my goal, was that this was the rumored number of ETH that would be required to run your own validator and stake Ethereum when the merge to ETH 2.0 finally took place. Bitcoin would be my “savings,” and Ethereum would be my constant flow of passive income.

However, as time went by, the way I looked at my Ethereum goals changed as well. Instead, my focus changed to the amount of passive income that I was earning every month with it. My goal is to simply increase the amount that I’m earning passively with Ethereum each month. With the overall goal of someday being able to live solely off the income that I’m earning with Ethereum. However, that is still very far off in the distance for me.

When you are considering what your crypto portfolio goals are, you need to decide what you are hoping to achieve. If you are hoping to earn passive income, then proof-of-stake blockchains might be more interesting to you. If you are looking to take less of a risk, then investing in Bitcoin might be the best option for you as well. If your goal is to become rich and retire via crypto, then it’s likely you will need to accumulate much higher numbers. While if you’re hoping to just make some decent profits, those larger number goals aren’t necessary. Before you start your journey, you need to know what you’re hoping to achieve.

How about you? What are your crypto portfolio goals?

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