Crypto Passive Income That I Refuse to Do

By johnwege | johnwege | 28 Dec 2022

There are few people out there who are more passionate about earning crypto passively than me. I am extremely motivated towards reaching my goal of being able to retire early. I believe that my best chance to do this is with cryptocurrency. Being able to earn extra crypto passively, compounding onto what I already have, will make that dream of mine a lot more likely. I’m motivated and willing to do almost anything to make it happen.

However, there are some earning methods that I absolutely refuse to do.

There are several reasons for this. Perhaps the method requires too much time for how little it pays out. Or, maybe it goes against my code of honor. Some of them might be too risky or dangerous for my liking. And the others either bring down the quality of my time or are more of a burden to use if we are being honest.

After all, my free time is one of the things that I treasure most. I keep a very busy and strict schedule. With my day job, writing, and time devoted to keeping up with the cryptocurrency market. If something slows me down and becomes more of a hindrance, I won’t do it.

Before we dive into my list, it's important to stress that the earning methods that work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. 



There can be some crypto to be made with faucets if you’re able to get many referrals. But the truth is that it can be hard to find a reputable faucet site that also allows you to withdraw. And then there is the issue of how much time you need to dedicate toward constantly claiming the faucets in order to maximize your rewards. For me personally; they just aren’t worth the time. As cliche as it sounds, time is money and there are other ways that I could use the same amount of time to earn much more.

Referral Links


With the number of followers, I have, posting referral links could net me a significant income if I wanted to. However, you will never see me posting referral links, or even writing articles to shill a certain cryptocurrency. I put a lot of value on my reputation and would never want to try to take advantage of my readers. 

My blog features my own real thoughts and opinions. It’s my soapbox. I only talk about what I’m passionate about and I hope that shines through in my writing.

Lending Crypto


Lending crypto to 3rd party services is my newest addition to this list. Up until all of the insolvency chaos began to happen this year, I was a big proponent of lending out crypto to earn passively. In fact, lending my Bitcoin was one of my biggest earners each month. However, due to everything that happened, I needed to adjust and change my strategy. Lending is definitely no longer worth the risk. 

While in the past it was considered a decent way to earn passively. As it stands now, it is similar to picking up pennies in front of a freight train. The small reward isn’t worth the risk of losing everything.

Brave Browser and Presearch


This may be a surprising pick for many reading this, but I refuse to use the Brave browser and Presearch. Regarding Brave, it’s simply because I’m deep into the Apple ecosystem. When using Apple products and software everything works seamlessly together and it makes everything much, much more convenient. I have nothing again Brave, and even earned a decent amount of BAT tokens using it in the past, but for me, it just isn’t worth giving up all of the convenience that comes with using the software that is better integrated into my hardware.

As for Presearch, I have tried to use it as my go-to search engine a few times in the past. However, each time I found it to be severely lacking. Especially when compared to using Google. The search results just weren’t as good, and researching for articles that I write, or just browsing in my free time would take significantly longer to get my desired results. The rewards just aren’t worth the extra burden it gave me in my opinion.

There are several great ways to make income with crypto. These were just a few that I have learned over the years that just aren’t for me. I would rather devote my time and energy to other methods.

How about you? Which methods of earning crypto do you refuse to do?

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