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Bitcoin: Then They Fight You

By johnwege | johnwege | 10 Mar 2023

First they ignore. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you, and then you win. Bitcoin’s adoption has increased to such a point that governments are now taking notice of it. They view it as a real threat to the power they hold over their people. It has the power to change the world as we know it, and they are afraid of it. And now they are taking actions to do anything necessary to stop it. Bitcoin has officially entered the fighting stage. In a battle against governments, banks, and the groups that secretly control the world. Bitcoin is in a fight for its survival. If it survives, all the predictions that we’ve ever had about it will come true. The adoption, price appreciation, development, and even potentially hyperbitcoinization. But if it doesn't, it could fade away into being a relic of the past.


The first thing you must understand is that these powerful organizations will not fight you directly in the way you might think. They’ll find other ways to try and attack you behind the scenes. 

For example if the government wants to attack crypto, the best way to do that indirectly would be to make the on/off ramps of fiat much more difficult. By making it more difficult to put cash into crypto, or cashing out; that limits the amount of people have access to the industry. This results in the hype or interest in the market not increasing as fast as it normally could as well. The best way to attack crypto wouldn’t be with a big bang, but instead with a whimper. This is exactly what is happening in the cryptocurrency market right now. There have been heavy rumors about there being an “operation choke point.” Where it is rumored that the President Biden administration is doing everything they can to discourage banks from working with crypto. For example, if you go to walmart but they aren’t accepting cash or credit of any kind. You’ll be forced to leave and go to a different store. That is what is happening here. The Biden administration wants people to invest in markets that they can control more so. Such as real estate, equities and more. 


While the government is quietly attacking all exchanges, there is one crypto exchange that they seem to have their targets set on the most, Binance. First they went after the BUSD stable coin, and now they are trying to make their Voyager buyout much more difficult and unfavorable. If that wasn’t enough, they are using propaganda against Binance and the ethnicity of their CEO that aim to question their trustworthiness to the public. The attacks in the crypto market have begun, and they aren’t about to stop anytime soon.


During the last crypto cycle one of the most attractive features that made people interest in the industry was lending and staking. It was incredibly easy to earn 6%-12% on your favorite cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. While the government likes to pretend and say they care about helping the little guys, and that they want everyone to get ahead in life. The truth is that they don’t. Societies wouldn’t work if everyone became rich, and so they need to keep people poor. And so when there was an opportunity for people to be earning a lot of passive income, they wanted to eliminate it as quickly as possible. As always, the government is very indirect about this. Instead of telling you their real intentions, they will tell you about how dangerous these activities are. They’ll say how important it is to protect users from this, and that only accredited investors can participate. Which in their secret code means they want to keep the current status quo of society hiearchy. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep struggling to get by.


These battles are only the beginning. There have been talks about the SEC potentially declaring all cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin securities. While most people would like all of this FUD to end as quickly as possible. The reality is that this could go on for years. My personal prediction is that the fighting will last from 2022 to 2027. Bitcoin has two different possible end results. It will either be worth nothing, or it will be worth an ungodly amount of money. If it is still alive in 2027, the price and adoption will have likely increased to a point where it is a forgone conclusion by everyone that Bitcoin is the future. The toothpaste has been let out of the tube, and it cannot be put back in. The fights against Bitcoin will be difficult, and mentally taxing. But we will surive. We’ll be stronger than ever. And we’ll all be greatly rewarded for it.

How about you? Are you ready for years of attacks against Bitcoin?

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