Bitcoin Game Theory Has Begun

By johnwege | johnwege | 20 Jul 2023

Bitcoin game theory has just begun, and you aren’t ready for what is about to come next. Nobody wanted to be first to Bitcoin, but now that the domino blocks of adoption have begun to fall, no one can afford to be last. With Bitcoin being such a scarce asset, the result is a stampede rush into the market, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

With Wall Street, investment funds, companies, and now countries all entering Bitcoin at the same time, all of a sudden those theories of hyperbitcoinization don’t seem so crazy after all. It has long been predicted that eventually, Bitcoin could cause the largest transfer of wealth that the world has ever seen. Those who have been investing in Bitcoin would be able to reap the rewards. While others would be left on the sidelines, wondering what happened, and how they lost all of their purchasing power seemingly overnight.

Over the last two years, adoption has begun to ramp up at an unprecedented pace. Companies such as Microstrategy, Square, and Tesla have bought Bitcoin and put it on their balance sheet. El Salvador has made Bitcoin legal tender in their country and is on the brink of offering Bitcoin-backed bonds. Bitcoin's true ability to be a safe-haven asset during times of true financial crises, such as during the banking collapses began to be understood. And then the financial world was flipped upside down when the most powerful and respected investment fund, BlackRock, officially announced that they were entering Bitcoin by applying for a spot ETF.

If that wasn’t enough to get your bullish senses tingling, there is much more.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a presidential candidate in the US, has made three major announcements when it comes to Bitcoin.

The first announcement was made earlier this year at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami. He became the first presidential candidate in US history to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin. Even better, he was accepting donations via the Lightning Network. During his speech, he said that he was a supporter of Bitcoin and the morals and freedoms it gives to its owners. That there was nothing more American, than owning Bitcoin. This fact alone caused many people to take note of him, and even become a supporter of his.

However, just this week RFK Jr. has made new announcements that have sparked the engine of Bitcoin Game Theory even further. His next announcement was something that could send shockwaves throughout the world.


RFK Jr. announced that if he became President he would eliminate capital gains tax on conversions of BTC to the US dollar. If this were to happen, overnight the US would become one of the prime locations to live if you are a Bitcoin owner. With there being no taxes on selling to dollars, it would already be equal to other locations such as Dubai, El Salvador, and others. While it might seem like a long shot to many that the US would ever eliminate capital gains tax for selling to fiat. The truth is that this would bring a lot of business back to the US. Instantly becoming a much more enticing location for companies.

Finally, the last announcement that RFK Jr. made was that he would want to back a portion of the US dollar with Bitcoin. Something that would equally help protect people’s wealth who save in dollars, but would immensely help people who own Bitcoin. He noted that countries can have infinite wars during the fiat era due to unlimited money printing. Something that wasn’t feasible when money was backed by gold. This would be a return to that type of era, and could potentially cut down on the number of wars.

If you take one thing away from this article, this is what you need to know. Right now the stampede rush into Bitcoin is beginning and this is only the start. Wall Street, corporations, retail buyers, and now countries are all trying to get into Bitcoin. It is similar to a game of musical chairs. People are accumulating as much as they can while the music is playing. However, the music is about to stop, and there aren’t enough chairs for everyone.

Things are about to get interesting, and it is going to be very bullish for Bitcoin owners.

How about you? Are you ready for Bitcoin game theory to take place?

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