Beyond Price: The Untold Value of Bitcoin in Our Lives

By johnwege | johnwege | 28 Feb 2024

Most of us get caught up in the same trap of only thinking about one thing when it comes to Bitcoin. The price going up, and how we hope it’ll change our lives financially forever. I won’t lie, I often fall into this line of thinking as well. But the truth is that Bitcoin truly offers so much that most of us ignore, fail to notice, and don’t appreciate as much as we should. Sometimes you don’t know what you really have, until a certain situation approaches. Today we will be diving back into the basics. Ignoring the noise surrounding price, and if we are currently in a bull or bear run. Today we will be talking about why we should all be more thankful that we have Bitcoin in our lives.

The Only Asset You Can Truly Own


We will begin the list with perhaps the most important reason of all. Bitcoin is the only asset that you can truly own. Some people will point to a house. You can pay off your house in full, but just wait and see what happens when you stop paying taxes on your house. The result is that it won’t be yours for very long. With stocks, you are beholden to the clearinghouse. Some people may mention gold, cash, collectible positions, or art. But the truth is that when the unfortunate time comes when you pass away. Those well are taken and given to someone else. Even while you’re alive, they can be stolen without your permission. Bitcoin cannot be seized or stolen while in self-custody without giving up your keys.

Having Access to your Money Anywhere & Anytime


Something that I have grown to appreciate recently while I have moved to different countries around the world is having access to my Bitcoin anywhere. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of wealth, it can actually be very difficult to move it with you. Another headache is if you need immediate access to it. Large withdrawals can take a significant time at banks, and in some cases, they will even deny it.

With the recent bank collapses, people have also begun to wake up to the fact that not only the money in the bank isn’t theirs anymore. But also that banks aren’t as safe as they are advertised.

I love having the ability to move in an instant and know I can take my wealth with me. For example, look at the situation that happened in Ukraine. The war broke out and people needed to evacuate out of the country at a moment’s notice. Bringing only what they could carry. They didn’t have time to go to the bank and would be forced to leave behind most of their valuable belongings. However, if you owned Bitcoin, you would have been able to take your wealth with you in something as small as a USB drive. If you are able to memorize your keys, you actually wouldn’t need to take any device with you.

Maintaining Hope for the Future


The world is tough out there right now, and many people are struggling just to make ends meet. Inflation was out of control, and people can’t afford to buy the same things they were buying a year ago. A scary fact is that most people don’t have enough saved to cover a surprise expense or emergency, let alone have money set aside for their retirement. The money that they work hard for is being devalued, and their odds of getting ahead in life is becoming more impossible by the day.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of hope for these people. With that said, during all of this chaos I have remained hopeful for my future because I own Bitcoin. While there are no guarantees, I do feel confident that my BTC will continue to appreciate over time. Rewarding me for saving my money in Bitcoin. As the years go by, my purchasing power continues to increase.

It has Given Me Financial Knowledge


As cliche as it sounds, my life can be split up equally before I got into Bitcoin, and after. Before getting into Bitcoin I was horrible with my finances and was deeply in debt. I had no interest in saving, budgeting, putting away money for retirement, or following macro events.

However, after Bitcoin, I have done the complete opposite. Saving, budgeting, investing, and putting away money for my retirement have become my greatest passions. I’ve dug myself out of debt and I’m obsessed with macro events.

I have mentioned in previous articles that I feel confident that with the skills I’ve learned since entering the Bitcoin market, I would still be able to have success in the future.

How about you? Why are you thankful for Bitcoin?

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