By Johana Alejandro | Johana Alejandro | 24 Feb 2022

Why do i even bother writing when all these emotions i must keep fighting?
Sitting in shame while my fingers bitting.
My body in pain writhing.
My soul crying out and always whining.
Can i really come out of this shinning?
When all my ghost are here behind me.
Why must you always be reminding and all your flashes blinding.
All the while i keep minding.
Can't you see im out here grinding.

Leave don't leave. See if i care.
No damage done here there's no reason to stare.
Just let me make this crystal clear.
I have fangs too look here there bare.
You threaten me again and that will then be your end.
Your doctor you'll need to come lend you a hand or maybe make you a mix so your wounds you can mend.
There's no escape.

When you see me at your knees you should bend. You and me will never blend
So as I'm coming keep going cause i have other business to attend.
Finish this quick and if it ain't legit i want no parts of it. Like your ass will never find me in your apartment fitting to fit in a compartment. So, you compartmentalize hoping your scheme will mesmerize remembering all you memorized about my wretched life.
Just to tame me and make me your second wife.
I don't think so.
This time I'll go blow for blow.
Tell you to go blow it out your hole.
Your good at that.
Going along like freaking frick freaking frack freak this freak that freaking cracker jack.
This time I'm Sending you to the grave.
This freaking parties all the rave. I don't even crave. Guess what dude to drug's and alcohol im no longer a slave.
All that feen stuff?
I'ma make you eat your words. I'll make you retreat while i sit up in my new shelter/temple retreat.
Your gonna have to take it all back. Come on bake a battered cake about that. Admit defeat rinse and repeat hurry up retweet before you loose them.
You know i been playing around like duck duck goose man. This is about to get loose man.
Walk away now cause i bring the real truth And.
It's not scant but more ample.
You gotta light a candle, like i carry the heart of Jesus Christ on my ankle. So come on take off the manacles.
Set me free.
There's never any Superman without a fee.
I'm seriously hungry and selling my body
Is no longer something i can do logically.

Fall flat on your face whenever you try to pick up the pace then every father you ever knew died or still consider you a disgrace. God's grace on your lap. Tell me yo who is it you gonna cap? You think you can kill what we have? I just woke up and it's obvious i was already down. I hardly fell i landed. So go run ring your bell cause i see you and all i can think now is this shit is fishy like vomit or sea food or like when i vomit cause i see food. I swear i vomit when i see you.So just step back.

Breath full.

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Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

I'm New to crypto and still learning

Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

Moth BallsCan't sleep so I might as well sweep. Through these hall's of moth balls. Filled with visiting rooms that have no cause. I often wonder. Why am I here? What's the point? Please make it clear. I call for you but I don't know if you are near? I don't want any more space. I just want my fingers with yours interlaced. Sometimes I think gravity is fake. When I think of you my mind turn's in to a lake or should I say a sea. Where there's birds and passing breeze.

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