Job Online for Everyone. Introduction

Job Online for Everyone. Introduction

By JobOnlineClub | Job Online Club | 14 Oct 2020

Hello Everyone!

I learned a lot about Steemit, Hive, and different related social platforms from my friend. She didn't want to be mentioned. But she motivated me to start my blog here.



So, let me briefly introduce myself. I am a marketing specialist and mainly working on a project basis. Also, I am an enthusiast about working online, crypto, and passive income. I am exploring different ways how to make money from home. So, all my free time I invest in online work. I really like to find out new ways of getting income, especially passive income.

A couple of months ago I decided to share my knowledge and experience with others, so I created my website, which looks more like a blog. I have a couple of posts about the Hive platform too. How did I get them if I don't use it? As I mentioned before, my friend introduced it to me. And I wrote a couple of posts from her stories and masterclasses. I even started to play one of the games based on the Hive platform.

Now I decided to explore the Publish0x blockchain platform by myself and see how everything is working here. I will share my site content here, hope it doesn't violate the rules.

I am interested in different investment ways here. Maybe any of you can give me suggestions or recommendations. I will be very thankful.

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