Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC

By JobOnlineClub | Job Online Club | 26 Jan 2021

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC

If you are a crypto-enthusiast and would like to get free bitcoin, then you should check Bitcoin faucets, which became super popular these days. Some of the bitcoins faucets we already discussed before, and today we will talk about how to earn free bitcoin daily with GraBTC.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC

GraBTC is a great platform where you earn internal coins Bits by completing different tasks. 1 bits = 1 satoshi.

There are a lot of different ways to earn free bitcoin in GraBTC. You can choose any which you like more. So you can easily earn a minimum amount of satoshi to withdraw to your crypto wallet.



One of the best ways to earn free bitcoin is Faucet. You just roll the wheel once per hour and get free bits. You can earn a minimum of 15.00 Bits in Faucet.

  grabtc faucet

But if you are lucky enough and roll a number higher than 99,898, than you can earn 10,887.00 Bits just for roll. And if you are super lucky and roll 99,999, you can win the Jackpot of 300,000.00 Bits!


If you use a Brave Browser, then you can earn even more bitcoins. Just send BAT coins from your Brave browser to GraBTC and get cashback.

You can find a detailed instruction on the GraBTC page.


Another way to earn free bitcoin daily with GraBTC is solving the short links. All short links reset in 24 hours, so you can click on them every 24 hours and earn bitcoin.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC


One more easy way to earn free bitcoin daily is surfing the ads. For each surfed site you will receive around 3.00 Bits. There are around 20 ads every day.

grabtc get paid for surfing ads


Jobs are different easy tasks that you need to complete to get paid. For example, you can create a tweet about GraBTC service on your Twitter account and receive 35.00 Bits, or make a video on Youtube and earn 300.00 Bits.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC


There is a CPU mining right on the site. So you can start mining by clicking on the ‘Start‘ button. For every 40,000 mined hashes you get 1.00 Bit. You need to mine at least 1.00 Bit to transfer your mined money to the account balance.

mining in grabtc


You can check your fortune and buy the lottery ticket, and if you are lucky enough, you can win around 600,000.00 Bits. 1 ticket costs 10.00 Bits.

lottery in Grabtc


Offers are different surveys and tasks. For completing them, you will earn free bitcoin. These tasks are offered by different advertisers.

offerwall in grabtc

For instance, KiwiWall will pay you 37,625.00 Bits, if you install the Animals Grow game on your phone and reach level 24.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC offers

Referral program

Besides it, you can earn free bitcoin with GraBTC by referring people. You can earn up to 0.6984425 BTC! The service has an Accumulated Referral Rewards Program or ARRP for getting referrals. It means that your rewards will exponentially increase when you refer more people.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC


GraBTC stimulates its members to be more active by launching different contests. Such as referral contest, link contest or Offer wall contest. In the referral contest, you can win 4,500,000.00 Bits.

contests in grabtc faucet

How to Cash Out?

There are 2 ways to withdraw your money from GraBTCFaucetPay and Bitcoin Wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the way you choose. For the bitcoin wallet, you need to earn at least 20,000.00 Bits or satoshi.

Earn Free Bitcoin Daily with GraBTC withdrawal minimum

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