Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

By JobOnlineClub | Job Online Club | 16 Jan 2022

Our world changes every day. Every day people invent new things, new instruments, new blockchain projects. Recently, a new terminology ‘metaverse’ surrounds us everywhere. Many big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook talk about metaverse too. One more big project is the decentralized social metaverse Torum.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

With blockchain and cryptocurrency, social media changed too. Social media is like a small world of engagement, where people communicate with each other, people follow news of their friends, celebrities, influencers, etc. Social metaverse is a new version, is something special.

I already told you about Torum a year ago, but today I want to update that post with the latest Torum changes, during the last year Torum team did a lot of work! You will be able to confirm it by yourself if you check the Torum timeline or my previous post.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

‘Decentralized social metaverse Torum is a revolutionary SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users.’ Torum was founded in 2020, and within a very short period of 2 years it grew up to a very huge platform with thousands of users from different parts of the world.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum  

With a hybrid-decentralized crypto social media serving as the backbone of the entire ecosystem, the integrations of Torum NFT Marketplace and Torum Finance succeed as complementary additions to connect crypto projects and users of different interests from all around the world, pioneering and realizing the world’s leading SocialFi metaverse.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

What is XTM

XTM token is Torum’s on-platform token. Today 1 XTM = $0.5497. You can import XTM tokens to your metamask wallet, just click on ‘import token’ button and add XTM wallet address: 0xcd1faff6e578fa5cac469d2418c95671ba1a62fe. You can find that address on CoinMarketCap too.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

That token was already listed on several markets like HuobiKuCoinUniswapPancakeSwap, etc. See all currently available markets below. By the way, if you don’t have an account on Huobi, join it now and get up to $170!

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

How to get XTM

Decentralized social metaverse Torum is not just a social media platform it is also a platform where you can earn crypto. And one of the most important things is that you can get XTM tokens for FREE!

First of all, you can buy XTM tokens on market. Above I shared with you the main markets where XTM was listed, so you can buy or sell XTM tokens there. But in that case, you need to invest your money first.


Besides it, there are several ways to get XTM tokens without investment. I will introduce to you the main ways to get XTM tokens within the decentralized social metaverse Torum.

There are daily, weekly, one-time and special missions on the Torum. When you complete each mission you get a defined amount of XTM tokens. To claim the daily login mission all you need to do is just to login to the platform and then click on the ‘Claim’ button.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

If you complete all daily missions you will get 0.8125 XTM tokens, and with today XTM rate 0.8125 XTM = $0.44. So, if you do all daily missions every day, you can earn around $3.12 in a week! And it won’t take much time!

Another mission is inviting new users.

Invite your friends to join TORUM and become their mentors! The journey to building a worldwide crypto space begins with you! Both of you will receive 7.5 XTM as a reward when your mentee achieves 100 points from the power-up missions!

If you create good content you have a chance to receive gifts from other users. These gifts are XTM tokens as well. Each gift has a different size, i.e. a different amount of XTM. The cheapest gift is equal to 1 XTM ($0.54), and the most expensive costs 1,000XTM ($540).

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

Clans and Companies

There are different clans and companies on the decentralized social metaverse Torum. Clans are communities of people with the same interests. For example, clan about airdrops, clan about blockchain in general, a clan of play to earn projects, etc.

Companies are exactly companies. For example, Torum itself. So, if you manage the company, you can create your company page on Torum, and tell people about it. Consequently, you can use Torum to promote your business or product.


A couple of months ago Torum implemented airdrops. These airdrops come from the partnered programmes of Torum and new companies. Therefore, Torum users have a chance to get extra bonuses from new projects!

To be qualified for the airdrops you need to activate your Torum account first. And then another airdrop event will be announced check the requirements in the ‘Airdrop’ tab on the Torum platform.

Mobile App

A big advantage of Torum is that Torum has a website version and mobile app. Therefore, you can use Torum very easily either on the laptop or on your phone. You can use Torum wherever you want, whenever you want without any problems.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

Torum and NFT

Torum is not only a social media platform, it is also an NFT marketplace. Torum users can trade different NFTs on the marketplace. To buy NFT cards you need to have XTM tokens. I will about the XTM token below in more detail.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

Also, each Torum user can buy a special NFT avatar. Recently, Torum launched an NFT Squid game. Probably, you have heard about the ‘Squad game’ before. It was a Korean series that ranked #1 in Netflix Asia. I think there is no person who didn’t hear about the Squid game.

Decentralized Social Metaverse Torum

Torum is a very young, 2 years old company, but within that very short period of time, Torum became a very big project. Decentralized social metaverse Torum has more than 10 partners, and 2 big investors Huobi and KuCoin.

You can join Torum right now, so you can start earning XTM tokens right now! As you can see project develops intensively. And who knows how much will cost 1 XTM by the end of this year.

You can find Decentralized social metaverse Torum Whitepaper 4.0 here.

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