11 Best Free Blogging Platforms

11 Best Free Blogging Platforms

By JobOnlineClub | Job Online Club | 28 Feb 2022

Famous and good bloggers have pretty good earnings. Today blogging is one of the most popular jobs. Maybe universities will add blogging to the list of departments soon. But actually, there is no need in the related academic background to start a blog and to make money. And you can just try yourself in that area by using one of the 11 best free blogging platforms.

11 best free blogging platforms

Do you know how many kids or teenagers became famous bloggers? And most of them share in their blog just what they like to do or their thoughts.

I prepared a list of the 11 best free blogging platforms for you.

1. Blogger

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform blogger

Blogger is a very basic free blogging platform with basic formatting tools. Blogger was created by Google and supports some google tools like Google Adsense. If you publish good content, Google will show your blog to more people. And if you meet all requirements of Google Adsense, you can connect your blog to Google Adsense account and monetize your blog.

2. Wix.Com

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform wix  

Wix is a website-building platform where everyone can easily create their website. Even if you don’t have any programming skills. There are a lot of cool free templates, which will help you to build your blog faster.

Wix has free and paid versions. You can start with a free version, and if you would like to add more functions to your blog, you can switch to the paid ones. The paid version provides you access to more tools and functions. Also, in a paid version of Wix, you can personalize your blog domain. Read more about the paid version of Wix.

3. WordPress.com

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform wordpress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform. WordPress.com is a free blogging platform, and wordpress.org is a paid one. WordPress.com is more suited if you want to create a basic blog and you don’t need a personalized domain.

Well, actually, there is a paid version in wordpress.com too. There are different paid packs with different extra functions. There is even a monetization option, which will add Ads to your blog and pay you for views or clicks.


But personally, instead of buying extra packs in wordpress.com, I would suggest using wordpress.org. Read more about worpdress.org.

4. Instagram

how to start a blog in instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media today. It is a free blogging platform where people sharing photos and videos. Many companies use Instagram to promote their businesses.

5. Youtube

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform youtube

Youtube is a video-sharing blogging platform. Therefore, Youtube is suited to people who create videos. It can be videos from your trip, master classes, movies, music videos, etc. There is a famous channel on Youtube, where a small kid was opening his toys and made money.

6. Twitter

how to start a blog in twitter

Before, Twitter mainly was used by journalists. They tweeted about hot issues or some big events. Twitter is like a Tumblr, it is a microblogging platform, where people leave short messages/posts. Therefore, Twitter is well suited to people who don’t like to write long posts.

7. Facebook

how to start a blog in facebook

Facebook is a social networking site where people share photos, videos, life events, etc. Today, every big company has a personal business page or group on Facebook, where they share main information about their business, news, events, plans, etc.

You can create a page or group, share your content, and start growing your audience.

8. Tumblr

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website, which is similar to Twitter. People create short posts with photos, gifs, videos, or just text. You can people with common interests, that will help to grow your audience faster.

9. Telegram

how to start a blog in telegram

Telegram is a messenger where you can create channels or groups and share your content. There are a few special tools like a poll, quiz, to interact with your audience. Also, you can create a bot to automatize some tasks.

10. Medium

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform medium

Medium is a free blogging platform. It is a good example of social journalism. In Medium you can meet amateur authors and professional people. Medium has basic formatting tools. You can publish posts and combine them into a publication. For example, if you want to write a blog about travel, then you can create different publications for different countries you visited.

11. HIVE

how to start a blog in a free blogging platform hive

Hive is a free blogging platform that is base on the blockchain. You can share different content and get paid for it. A good side of HIVE is that you don’t need to have many followers in order to start earning money online. In HIVE you get paid for the quality of your content. Besides publishing content, there are a lot of other different ways to make money in HIVERead more here.


There are a lot of different free blogging platforms on the internet. But I hope my list of the 11 best free blogging platforms will help you.

Each platform has its pros and cons. Therefore, before starting your blog, you need to decide what kind of blog you want to run, and what kind of content you will share. Furthermore, if you want to promote and develop your blog faster, you can use different blogging platforms at the same time. For example, you can write a post in Blogger, Medium, Hive and then share it on Twitter, Telegram, or Tumblr with a short description.

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