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10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

By JobOnlineClub | Job Online Club | 25 Jan 2021

What is Cointiply

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

Cointiply is a fairly new project as it has only been around since February 2018. It is primarily known as the Bitcoin faucet, but in fact, you can make money on this site in many other different ways. It is likely that when you first visit the site, you will be a little bit confused because it offers many different options. But it is not difficult to understand them, so there is no need to be afraid. I will teach you 10 ways to earn bitcoins in Cointiply.

How to earn money

Cointiply is famous for its different options to earn money. The service offers plenty of ways to get free coins. Here are 10 main ways to make money with Cointiply. You can find them in the Earn Coins Tab in the main menu on the Cointiply site.

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

Option 1 – Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a great way to make extra money online as it’s easy and you can also share your opinions on important topics.

  10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

Cointiply offers quite a few survey options. You can find them in the Offer Walls section. Here you will see many different polls, by answering which you will earn coins. Cointiply works with many surveys, so you won’t have a shortage of them.


However, since these are third-party questionnaires, you will periodically have to re-enter your details for different services. This can be a little annoying at first, but with a little patience, you can find many earning opportunities.

Option 2 – “Offer Walls”

In fact, in the “Offer Walls” section you can make money not only on surveys. This can also include downloading apps, signing up for free trials, registering for contests, and more.

In this section, you can find some really good deals that can increase your income. But always be sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting any of these offers, as not all of them are worth it. So you need to know exactly what you are agreeing to.

Option 3 – Bitcoin Faucet

This is a popular option to make money on CointiplyYou can earn bitcoins by completing a small task: enter a captcha and then run a roulette wheel and get a number. The number determines the size of your award. Below we present a table with the distribution of awards for each number.

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply 10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

Participation in the faucet is free, you can participate every hour. The process itself will only take you a few seconds, and if you’re lucky, you can knock out up to 160 coins without bonus.

But in most cases, the reward, of course, will be much less. Usually, you get around 20 coins per turn. This earning option is very simple, and you will figure it out in just a few seconds.


All your faucet rewards will be multiplied by the Cointiplier. The Cointplier rate starts with 1.5x and it can be increased up to 2x. To increase cointiplier rate all you need to do is just to be active.

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

Option 4 – Watching Videos

Cointiply also has a video section where you can select videos on a variety of topics and get paid for watching. You can also launch them in another tab, so you don’t even need to watch them. Keep in mind that the rewards for watching videos are very low and therefore this is not the recommended earning method as there are ways to earn faster. However, if you find videos that are interesting for yourself, then why not watch them and get coins along the way.

Option 5 – Multiplier (Game)

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

The 5th way among 10 ways to earn bitcoins in Cointiply is Multiplier. You can find a section called “Multiplier”. This is a way to wager your coins and have a chance to win big.

But, of course, you also run the risk of losing your bet. You simply select the amount you want to wager and then you can select a field on the screen and see if you are lucky.

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

If you bet 10 coins and choose a winning field, in the first round you will receive 1.4 times the coins, i.e. 14 coins. Then you can take this winnings or continue. If you continue, the multiplier for the next round will be 2.1. The multiplier for the third level is 3, for level 4 – 4.4, level 5 – 6.5, level 6 – 9.4, and so on.

You can take winnings at any time, but if you continue, you can potentially increase your coins significantly. But if you don’t stop in time, you certainly run the risk of losing your bet.


In addition, if you play Multiplier, you automatically enter the weekly competition. The 10 people who made the highest bet during a given week receive from 100,000 to 1,000,000 coins as a prize.

Option 6 – Online Games

On the site, you can also find various games that can be played in your browser. You can earn 5 points playing long enough to fill your activity bar – however, there is not much information on how long it will take.

In general, this is not a huge reward, so if your main goal is to make money with Cointiply, some other methods will be more effective. But if you just love playing online games, then why not make some money from it?

Option 7 – Ad Clicks

You can also find the Ads section on Cointiply. This means you get paid a small amount to click on your ad and view it for a certain number of seconds.

It is very easy to make money with this method, but you should know that the rewards are usually not so high. But it is very easy to make some money just by clicking ads.

Option 8 – Cointiply Loyalty Bonus

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

If you log into Cointiply every day, you can receive a loyalty bonus. To do this, you just need to do something on the site.

The more days in a row you do this, the higher the bonus you will receive. You will earn 1% per day when you log in daily. So, if you are actively using the site and do not miss days, you can earn up to 100% bonus.

Option 9 – Chat Rain Bonus

Chat rain bonus is one of the most favourite option of many users. You need to be active in the Cointiply chat and when the raindrop will be full you get the rain bonus. Your bonus depends on your share in the raindrop.

Option 10 – Refer

Another way to earn bitcoins in Cointiply is to invite new people. Cointiply pays up to 25% of the commission from your referrals.

How to withdraw money from Cointiply

When you are active on Cointiply, you earn coins. You can see in your account how many coins you have, how much they cost in dollars, and how much they currently cost in bitcoins.

100 Cointiply coins cost $0.01. This means 10,000 coins are worth $1.

10 Ways to Earn Bitcoins in Cointiply

You can withdraw your coins in 2 ways: DOGE-wallet when you have at least 30,000 coins ($3) or bitcoin wallet if you have at least 50,000 coins ($5).

Do you earn Bitcoins in Cointiply?

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