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My Only Regret Since I joined Read.Cash

By artbytes26 | JL Info Hub | 5 Apr 2021

Hello Publishers and Readers! 

I joined in December of 2020. It is now March 21, 2021. Between those months, I have regretted one thing and one thing only since I joined this writing site... I did not decide to write as many articles here as I could have. In fact, this is just my fourth article here.


My First Two Posts

I did not make my first post until February. If I remember it right, this is my second account since I forgot where I stored the key phrase, or seed phrase to access my bitcoin cash wallet.

My first post was “My Learning Goals for 2021”, which includes learning and earning cryptocurrency. Then a week after that I uploaded my “Introduce Yourself”, (This is Artbytes, Signing In) post which I forgot to upload to the right community. (Sorry I’m a noobie here).

That was three weeks ago.


Can’t Decide on the Topic

After that post, I can not decide which topic to write about here. I’m reserving my articles for graphic design for my (Which I haven’t updated since December). And I’m also planning to start (for the nth time) an IT-related blog using WordPress- just to keep me abreast with the development of WordPress and hopefully offer my services to those who wants= to have a WordPress site.

Though I saw both articles started to earn a few centavos in just a short time... something that I can’t earn in months in my own blog. I was not ‘motivated enough’ to write more.

In the last few weeks, I was more engaged in, which I learned from this site. Something that I could do even when I am on my part-time teaching job.


My Experience in Noise.Cash

Noise.Cash piqued my interest. Though a newbie on that site, I have been observing how the system works. What are do’s and dont’s . I saw so many members tried to go around the rules, in which the admin posted about it. So, I posted my ‘A Newbie’s Guide to Noise’.

After uploading it yesterday. I was surprised to see that it earned more than $2 in BCH in just an hour or two. (Thanks to @TheRandomRewarder for that).

So after seeing that, I started writing the next article about Noise that I already had in mind even before I posted that Newbie’s Guide...

But as I went to bed last night, I have been thinking of the regret that I feel for not writing more often in

So, yeah, the only regret that I have since I joined is, I did not write more often than I should have.

So from this day forward, I plan to write at least two or even three articles per week.

Thanks for reading and see you around.


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