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NEXO adds its own exchange office to the application!

By Jiri63 | Cryptonite 2021 | 1 Feb 2021

The popular NEXO application adds a welcome feature: its own crypto and fiat currency exchange. The service allows you to swap instantly & limitlessly between 75+ crypto & fiat pairs just in-app.

Nexo instant exchange

Nexo promises that their exchange service will offer seamless, instant, and limitless exchanges at the best available market prices. Nexo wants to offer a good exchange price by connecting to more stock exchanges. There will be no need to compare prices, the system will do it in a second for you from one platform. They offers 75+ Crypto & Fiat Pairs for all currencies supported by Nexo. Their own NEXO Token offers the following pairs: NEXO / BTC, NEXO / ETH and NEXO / USDT. This feature turns the Nexo Wallet App into a place where you can buy, sell, store and borrow your assets. No upper limit on the swaps you can make, up to $50,000 per single transaction.

Nexo exchange

It is worth remembering that Nexo does not charge any fees for asset withdrawals! So you can easily imagine a situation where you get assets with high fees in their exchange office (such as ETH or BTC) and use them for your payments from the Nexo application. This can be especially useful for payments of smaller amounts that would otherwise be very inefficient due to high fees.

Nexo withdraw


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