BSCEX: first decentralized crypto exchange & ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

By Jiri63 | Cryptonite 2021 | 27 Jan 2021

BSCEX is a promising DeFi project and crypto ecosystem. It is based on the evolving Binance Smartchain technology. So far, the BSCEX service offers a swap and launchpool. In time, the decentralized DeX exchange will be added.
I tried to use their swap and launchpad. Everything is still in its infancy, but it works well. It is similar to Binance’s services but of course, decentralized.


What is not working well yet is the connection of the BSCEX application with wallets. The connection with TrustWallet was fine, but the connection with Chrome Binance Chain Wallet didn't work very well. Of course, the question is whether it was not more on the side of Binance Wallet. In general, you can use any wallet that support WalletConnect or some of web browser app: MetaMask, Coin98 Wallet, Binnace Chain Wallet.

The following information is important. Although the design of BSCEX applications resembles Binance and the whole system is based on Binance Smart Chain, BSCEX has nothing to do with Binance Exchange and has its own owners. The reliability of the service is therefore not ensured by the famous company Binance, but it is a new, developing project. Do your own research before using it!

BSCEX Launchpool

As @EliteHodler pointed out at Publish0x, Pancake introduced the BSCX token into the Syrup Pool. You can stake CAKE and earn your first BSCX for testing this new platform. Be careful! Investing is a risky business and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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