UX Network Community Content Competition

UX Network Community Content Competition

“UX Network is built to support innovation and growth in both traditional and new financial markets through the transformational utility of blockchain technology.


With the UX launch underway from the beginning September, what better time to delve into the ecosystem and have a good old fashioned give away of some UTX tokens.

It’ll be a simple one really, but essentially what is wanted for this one are some ideas about how the UX chain could be utilized best in the more narrow spectrum of the term.  In other words, do you have an idea for a dapp that could be built by say an open-sourced team and operate utilizing the benefits that the UX chain offers such as compliance, identity, or any others built into the chains make-up.  Likewise, is there some way that you can see the UX chain being in a position to help the EOSIO community achieve or benefit from something that has previously been difficult or impossible previous to the UX chain launch.

Just as UX chain is open for a plethora of dapps to be built and solutions to be optimized, so too is this contest.  There are 100,000 UTX tokens up for grabs here, so this is no light hearted task which you set yourself upon.

As for the eventual winners, well, they will be chosen by a voter ranking system whereby the top 5 ideas will walk away with some UTX for their accounts:

1st – 50,000 UTX

2nd – 25,000 UTX

3rd – 15,000 UTX

4th –  5,000 UTX

5th – 5,000 UTX

All ideas are open but very likely only the best of the best will be ranked to win. The whole process will come down to a vote within the community of pre-existing UX Network users.

Submission guidelines are as follows: 

Contestants should submit an article outlining in as much detail as possible the dapp or integration with UX chain that is your idea.  Likely the focus should point towards the benefits of utilizing the UX Network but judging will take place by the community so in the end will be up to them.

Articles must be submitted within the deadline period to any long form public social platform such as Medium, Voice, Discussions App, Trybe.one, Decentium, Publish0x, Minds.com, Uptrend.com, Hive/PeakD, Steemit, etc.  Although in the end the winners will be determined by popular vote, in the case of a tie the breaker will come from a tally of platforms that the original article was submitted to.

Upon completion of your post, please submit your details to the following form: https://forms.gle/NtByxEyQJKpsyFxx9


The submission period will be until 23:59 UTC October 18th, 2020.  Upon conclusion of the deadline, the entries will be compiled, displayed, and put out to the community to vote upon the best entries deserving of prizes over the following week or so.

Learn more about the UX Network from the following locations:

Homepage: https://uxnetwork.io/

Official Telegram: https://t.me/UX_Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Network_UX

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ux-network

Medium: https://medium.com/@UX_Network

*Please note the above information and contest is neither run nor managed by the author of this post nor the UX Foundation.  The UX content competition is a community event and all prizes have been put forth by select community members.  As this is a content competition the author of this post gives anyone the authority to reproduce and share the contents on any social media site they desire.

Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l EOSIO Weekly l GenerEOS ]
Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l EOSIO Weekly l GenerEOS ]

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