Upliftnation Boid Season 4 Team Final Prize Reveal

Hello Uplift Boiders.  As we embark on the end of Season 4 we would like to take this opportunity to announce an additional prize to our dedicated miners for their efforts to help together with Boid and all the season 4 teams to help towards better understanding of Covid-19.

As we previously announced in Uplifting the Capacity of Boid: Mining Together 4 A Better Tomorrow (https://upliftdao.com/uplifting-the-capacity-of-boid-mining-together-4-a-better-tomorrow/), the initial prizes are as follows and will still stand.

Prizes will be awarded to all participating members of the UpliftNation Boid team with the exception of Tier 5 as follows:

A total of 1 million BOID staked for the entire next season:

  • Top 20% – 300,000 (100,000/person) BOID stake
  • Middle 60% – 700,000 (100,000/person) BOID stake
  • Bottom 20% – 100,000 1 person BOID stake

And of course in addition, a special physical edition of your very own KISS Trivia Game.


Barring the above, we did however hint towards an added special prize to be announced later, and while, if you haven’t figured it out yet, that time is now.  So buckle your seat belts boys and girls cause this ride is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

In keeping with the KISS theme, Upliftnation will be awarding all participating team members with one of a select number of limited edition original KISS NFT’s.  These were envisioned and designed in house by the very talented Michael Blu specifically inline with the UN Boid team theme and will come complete with the blockchain stamp of authenticity.


The series will be minted on the WAX blockchain and will encompass 5 versions of varied numbers for a grand total of 50 nft pieces.  From left to right, Eric Singer (15 pieces), Tommy Tayer (10), Gene Simmons (8), and Paul Stanley (12), as well as the entire KISS crew pictured above (5).

These prizes will be minted on the WAX blockchain and ONE released to every active team member.  The distribution model will be as follows;

All members of the top 3 tiers will be entered into a random draw for 1 full KISS NFT and 2 Gene Simmons NFT’s.  For the remaining active team members, each person will be awarded 1 NFT from either Tommy Tayer (5 pieces) , Paul Stanley (6 pieces) , or Eric Singer (7 pieces).

This will all be done through random number generation and the prizes should be awarded publicly and sent as soon as the NFT’s are minted and the distribution channels accompanying WAX minting have been solidified, most likely within a month’s time.

Closing Remarks:

Of course this was the first season of the UN Boid team, and all in all we are very happy about the turnout and the progress that the team has made.  Although we plan on returning for the 5th season, we would like to officially extend our sincerest appreciation for all those who have been a part of the premiere UN Boid team.  We are looking forward to continuing this journey and welcome all that wish to be a part of it.

For more information on what is going on within Uplift Nation please check our homepage at https://www.upliftnation.io/ or our community page at https://upliftdao.com/

About Uplift Nation

Upliftnation.io via it’s satellite arm at UpliftDAO is driven by a unified plan to eradicate poverty and raise the dignity and quality of life to a higher standard for impoverished communities around the world. Through the funding of sustainable projects that ensures equal access to housing, education, healthcare, hygiene, food, water, power, commerce and banking we will ignite change.

For specific inquiries regarding the Uplift Nation Boid Mining Team or even if you just feel like dropping on in and to hang out and have some fun please join our UpliftNation Boid Telegram Group at https://t.me/TeamUNBoid.  Looking forward to seeing you around sometime somewhere and discussing further collaborations to make an impactful and true difference in the world out there. If you want to join the UN BOID Team you can do so by clicking here5a8cfc903b73446ba9064c4c2444b507edb1fb297536d145fe122b2ac379fea2.png

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