Uplifting the Capacity of Boid: Mining Together 4 A Better Tomorrow

Uplifting the Capacity of Boid: Mining Together 4 A Better Tomorrow

UpliftNation has decided to join the forces that be and create our very own BOID mining team for Season 4.

The Who, What, & Where of BOID?

Boid is essentially a social computer operating on the EOS Blockchain.  Essentially by mining BOID what you are doing is giving Boid access to any unused CPU resources that you have on your personal computer.  It is entirely up to those mining what percentage of CPU resources right down times of inactivity what resources are allocated to Boid all at no cost to the users regular performance.  All the totaled resources that Boid is able to garner from it’s members are then put into the solving of important computational problems ranging from things like medicine, climatology, astronomy, and machine learning.

Although this network of distributed allocated CPU resources in the past has went towards helping scientists simulate and isolate more effective treatments for cancer, Alzheimers, and many other diseases, run simulations that predict the effects of climate change on our planet, simulating the movement of celestial bodies and help researchers study the most fundamental aspects of how the universe works, and training neural networks to power the next generation of artificial intelligence, with all that is presently going on in the state of the world, Season 4 of BOID mining is solely and completely dedicated to Covid-19 (aka Corona Virus) research.

Why UpliftNation?

With the recent launch of the or new social and educational hub UpliftDAO.com and the expansion of our network towards forging lasting beneficial relationships with the many of our partners, Season 4 of Boid with all resources being contributed towards increasing through computational data the research on Corona virus seemed the perfect point of entry for the UpliftNation team.

The guiding facet of Uplift Nation from the beginning has been to enable the world to become a better place.  Although we are technically a charitable network in the process of building on the EOSIO blockchain protocol, UpliftNation believes in the capacity of education as a true mechanism for change.  With the recent state of havoc in the world due to this Covid-19 crisis, supporting Boid in their endeavor to dedicate their entire Season 4 resource pool towards Corona Virus research seemed the perfect place to show our support.

What’s in it for you, and how can you help?

Obviously dedicating your free CPU towards understanding and running computational research towards solving one of the biggest problems in the present is the main goal of Boid and all the teams, but Boid believes at it’s heart that users deserve a little more for helping with their overall mission of bringing about maximization of potential idle machines and networks.  As in the previous 3 seasons of BOID mining, users who stake their resources have the chance to join a team and fight for the number one place of the amount of resources collectively donated.  Of course no matter which team you join it all goes to the benefit of us all, and even though jointing a team is not necessary to become involved, who doesn’t relish in a little healthy competition.  Different teams then will offer different prizes to their members giving miners the ability to choose which team they support and which prizes are of the most value to them personally.

UpliftNation having a deep and long relationship with the Boid team then has decided that the perfect prize for our top members would be to contribute to the longevity of both the over- reaching mission of Boid and the users that support them.  The prize for the UpliftNation Boiders then will be a share of 2 million BOID stake for the duration of Season 5 of BOID mining season.

In other words join the UpliftNation Season 4 BOID team, help with the season objective of furthering Covid-19 computational resource research through the dedicated pooling of otherwise inactive CPU, and get rewarded in a share of 2 MILLION BOID staked on your behalf towards the next Boid season further increasing your BOID and therefor personal BOID mining rewards.  And yes, we are well aware of how many wins there are in this scenario overall.

Prize Distribution.

Prizes will be awarded to all participating members of the UpliftNation Boid team with the exception of Tier 5 as follows:

A total of 1 million BOID staked for the entire next season:

  • Top 20% – 300,000 (100,000/person) BOID stake

  • Middle 60% – 700,000 (100,000/person) BOID stake

  • Bottom 20% – 100,000 1 person BOID stake

In addition, Upliftnation is offering a special physical prize of your very own KISS Trivia Game.  Of course there is a story here, but you’ll have to reserve your suspense for the time being before the big reveal, at which time in fact we might even throw in some added (non-monetary) bonus gifts in there to show our appreciation for all who have supported us.


New to Boid?  How to Get Started.

If you are new to Boid and not quite sure how to get involved, please check out the following resources:

Setting up your first Boid Mining account:

Boid stacks Stats showing all the important economic Boid info at stats.boid.com

Upliftnation BOID Mining Team and Registration page: https://app.boid.com/t/Uplift-Nation

For more information on the specifics of Boid please visit the home page at www.boid.com

About Uplift Nation

Upliftnation.io via it’s satellite arm at UpliftDAO is driven by a unified plan to eradicate poverty and raise the dignity and quality of life to a higher standard for impoverished communities around the world. Through the funding of sustainable projects that ensures equal access to housing, education, healthcare, hygiene, food, water, power, commerce and banking we will ignite change.

For more information on what we are all about or how to get involved check us out at Upliftnation.ioUpliftDAO.com, or join our community telegram channel at https://t.me/UpliftNation 

For specific inquiries regarding the Uplift Nation Boid Mining Team or even if you just feel like dropping on in and to hang out and have some fun please join our UpliftNation Boid Telegram Group at https://t.me/TeamUNBoid.  Looking forward to seeing you around sometime somewhere and discussing further collaborations to make an impactful and true difference in the world out there.


*Originally published here by The Uplifter at UpliftDAO.com

Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l The Uplift World]
Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l The Uplift World]

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