Uplift.Art Releases the First #NFT Full Length Music Video on the Blockchain

As many of you already know, Upliftnation.io is working towards transforming the paradigm of charity through a vision of bringing charity and donations to the blockchain allowing for greater efficiency and transparency.  Although we have been focused upon building the rails for such an initiative via our Upliftdao.com site and working towards the launch and implementation of the UN social and donation hub version 2.0, there has been so much more happening behind the scenes.

Rise of the NFT New Artistic Paradigm

The NFT space has been booming as of recent, especially within the EOSIO ecosystem due to the amazing efforts of WAX.io and all things coming from within.  We have seen a plethora of partnerships that have come to fruition and begun releases into the space such as the Garbage Pail Kids and William Shatner’s exclusive NFT memorabilia collection which have been embraced passionately by the community at large.  With distinctive special editions added to the base cards the stigma of collectable hype has been reborn with blockchain technology for the digital age.  The easy on-boarding provided with the WAX Cloud Wallet offering a plethora of simple registration and management options and the number of marketplaces that have launched to procure a valid trading paradise has been nothing less than immaculate.  But this story is far from finished, and as blockchain and WAX in particular head further into the digital age with all the benefits blockchain has to offer, the possibilities for what is possible are infinite.  

Beyond the draw of being able to prove scarcity and ownership, one of the greatest things about the NFT space is the proprietary nature of the whole space.  Much in the same way that projects like Emanate have brought forth an avenue for musicians whether known or not to monetize beyond a third party status the sale and rights to their music, the NFT space has provided an opportunity for artists to put their craft out there in the world for all to see.  This is the key to a truly decentralized society whereby creators of art and media can retain full proprietary rights to that which they have created.  Add to the artistic value of a piece of art the power of the digital age to integrate animation and special effects to any given work and the appeal just continues to grow beyond what it ever could be for the majority of artists and collectors in the world beyond what blockchain has to offer.

Enter Uplift.art


Considering all the above, Uplift.Art has taken this whole process to a whole new level of potential of existence.  Understanding the value of media and art in culture for both the creators and collectors, we recognize that there is a place for all of the above mentioned and that it is a game changer in so many ways.  Noting this however, we also understand that the power of art is within its very nature to be transformative in the creation of something new that all can partake in and appreciate.  For this reason Uplift.art is proud to be a part of this space and offer our adaptation of something that we believe is truly revolutionary to artists and collectors alike.  

At Uplift.Art we have taken the concepts that have come before and made a move towards a complete multi sensory experience like no other that have ever before infiltrated the space.  By thinking about the power of all the things within the artistic realm that we love, we have procured a new paradigm whereby a collaboration of all forms of artistry can co-exist together within a single NFT.  

Looking back on history there are clear lines drawn in the sand about evolutionary moments in the history of mainstream artistry.  For the young or the old it matters not, but if you are a lover of music and what it has done for the world there is little doubt about the impact that MTV had on society at the time and for generations to come.  Well patroned ladies and gentlemen of the realm of all things artistic, if you love multimedia and art then you are going to enjoy what Uplift.art has to offer.  

For the first time in the history of the NFT craze Uplift.art welcomes you to a new multisensory experiential paradigm of what the power of blockchain and creativity combined can become in the form of this mixed media exclusive animated music video on the blockchain.  

To view the full length music video please redirect to the Uplift.art landing page

My Bitcoin Bull V is the first full length music video as an NFT on blockchain that was produced and written by mBlu. The beginning of a massive collection of original art and music that allows collectors to buy, gift, and trade limited blockchain assets with certainty and unalterable authenticity, all the while enabling a new, transparent charitable paradigm.

As you can see, this offers a unique opportunity for artists and musicians to get completely creative and collectors to own a little piece of history.  A few months ago if someone would have told you that mainstream was coming to the blockchain in the form of specialized trading cards on WAX you may have thought them crazy – but the fact remains that some things in life just are not too good to be true as evidenced by William Shattner’s rise to fame in the WAX.io NFT ecosystem.  And in that line, Uplift.art is here to extend the trend into an ever greater avenue drawing in top notch musicians and artists in individual and collaborative works through our upcoming site and marketplace.  

In fact, Uplift.art will become an ever growing collection of original music and art that harnesses blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and rarity, all the while giving artists and collectors alike a creative philanthropic opportunity to help build a transparent charitable paradigm.  We plan to introduce not only the lovers of music and art to a unique experiential of collective proportions in both creativity and collection, but do so by helping to further the charitable initiative set up by Upliftnation.io and bring transparency and accountability to the charitable space globally.  Through partnering with Uplift.art musicians and artists alike will find a unique opportunity to further their reach to the audiences who support them and they love while at the same time providing an avenue to do something good in the world for those less fortunate as half of the proceeds will go into the charitable hub at Upliftnation.io.  

In the coming months Uplift.art will be configuring the structure to go full scale with the ability to bring high profile musicians and artists together an offer up a whole range of musically inspired NFT pieces from complete full length features to ‘shards’ and special edition versions of unique trading cards and memorabilia empowering the creative through the power of self monetization, the collectors through originality and rarity, and the charitable space as a whole through inspirative vision for what can be done when we all come together as one.  

To listen and view the video and sign up early access and redeem the exclusive ‘Serpent & the Wolf’ animated trading card visit Uplift.art landing page or to make an offer on the My Bitcoin Bull NFT video itself visit Atomic Assets Atomic Hub (https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/asset/1099511644262)

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