Uplift.Art Event One Welcomes The Uplifter

Uplift.Art Event One Welcomes The Uplifter

Just because we are waiting patiently for the clock to tick down for Uplift.Art Event 1, doesn’t mean that the lead up to it has to  be completely uneventful.  In fact, beyond a few of the finer details regarding how things that have already been revealed will work, we are here today to let you know the latest surprise under our cape as we gear up for Uplift.Art Event 1.  First though, here is a short recap.

What? Uplift.Art Event One My Bitcoin Bull 72 hour auction

Where? Uplift.Art

When? Beginning at 6pm Eastern Standard Time on August 28, 2020

Why? To help with funds to build the rails for Upliftnation and of course do some amazing things that all who desire can be apart of.  As for music videos as NFT’s – well the simple answer is ‘Why the heck not?!?’

How?  Login to Uplift.Art when the auction begins and place a bid on the first ever music video on the blockchain MBB.  Everyone who places a bid of 30 WAX or more will be minted a copy of this little slice of history and entered into a chance to win a plethora of more rare video versions and goods.  Although some of these goods are reserved for the top members on the auction leaderboard, the other half will be given out randomly to anyone who participates.

In addition, ONE Unique Ultra Rare My Bitcoin Bull V will be awarded to the highest overall contributor to the 72h event, a unique one of a kind commemorative piece of this special time and event in blockchain history.  Also added will be a series of cards and NFT collective memorabilia created around the MBB series.  And if that isn’t enough, well we have one more fantastic add that all our participants could be eligible just for participating in the event. 

That’s right good ladies and gentlemen of the blockchain NFT collectibles and charity space, in addition to all that was outlined before you could also walk away from this with a limited special ‘Uplifter’ digital music Blockchain Heroes card to add to your collection.

#RT Blockchain Heroes and https://t.co/rfJvtpJcAm come together for historic #NFT event! Buy “My Bitcoin Bull Vb” for 30 WAXP min and be 1 of 9 eligible to win FULL length #NFT of this rare BCH “UPLIFTER” video. 72 hour auction begins 08/28/2020 – @bc_heroes @eoswriter @WAX_io pic.twitter.com/ScoaX2nelS— mBlu  Crypto (@mBluCryptoAugust 26, 2020

And for those that may have missed it or wish to learn more about what Upliftnation and Uplift.Art is all about, please do check out Uplift.Art’s very own mBlu out live with Blockchian Heroes creators Joel and Travis on episode 13 of The Nifty Show.




My Bitcoin Bull Music Video

Blockchain Heroes

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