Scatter Wallet: Top 10 Best Crypto DApps Review

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The present accepted version of Scatter desktop is an evolution of the classic Google Chrome browser extension developed by N.S. James.  Although it works similar to a browser extension, the desktop version is much more secure and safe than something attached to a browser.  The desktop version at present is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux download via the official Scatter site.  Likely one of the most secure methods to interact with the EOS, Ethereum, and TRON blockchains, Scatter desktop allows for users to interact with various websites and dApps while keeping your crypto keys and desired private data safe.  It is also completely open sourced and has a very active community far beyond N.S. and Rami James committed to improvements, upgrades, and most importantly, interactive security.

According to Everpedia, Scatter also possesses the following abilities:

  • Authenticate with websites without passwords using asymmetrical encryption, similar to how Facebook login works but without ever touching an external server.
  • Sign blockchain transactions without exposing private keys. Scatter receives transactions from web applications and returns only signatures for the transactions.
  • Websites can request personal information from a user’s Scatter such as an email, first/last name, date of birth, or a location (address, city, state, country, zip code, phone).
  • Web Applications will never be able to get any information about a user without their explicit consent.



Scatter is also working towards the implementation of a Reputation and Identity Layer (RIDL) allowing users to register their identities across all supported blockchains.  According to the the RIDL white paper, some of the advantages to this are as follows:

    • Users have a unique name which can not be impersonated on any application which is integrated with Scatter Identities and RIDL.
    • Users can give and get reputation from and to other entities such as domains, blockchain addresses, public keys and accounts, decentralized or centralized applications, other users, or any other type of entity known by a unique identifier / name.
    • Displays warnings inside of Scatter’s Signature Requests when interacting with problematic entities such as scam sites, exchanges which don’t release funds appropriately, and other malicious entities.
    • Allows users to gain tokens by making the internet and the blockchain safer.

The ability to create an uphold identity and reputation on the blockchain is crucial to bring users and projects in the decentralized cryptosphere greater safety and protections while at the same time preserving some semblance of anonymity.

“Every Scatter user benefits from the protection that RIDL provides but only those who register with the system can affect reputations and become a unique entity across all blockchains. Along with those abilities they also gain the possibility of mining more tokens by being the first or next in line to repute an entity.

When a user tries to interact with an application or send tokens to another user, RIDL will fetch that entity’s reputation and display warnings about it if certain fragments of that reputation are negative. For instance if an address they are about to send tokens to is a known “scam” then a warning will be displayed to the user.”



Get Scatter

According to the Official Scatter Telegram Group, some basic information regarding the details of the project and general personal security are as follows:

Never download files from anywhere but the official website or GitHub. No admin will ever ask you for private keys or send any files to users on telegram. Please be aware of anyone asking such things as these people are likely impersonators and not really admin.

– Latest Scatter Desktop version: 10.1.2
– Latest test build: 10.2.0 (@Scatter10)
– Official homepage:
– Official Github for source code and downloads:
– RIDL – Reputation & Identity Layer homepage:

– If you are experiencing any problems consider reading the following first to learn what kind of information you can provide:
– For basic questions check out the support section on the website:
– You can also submit emails on the support page in case no one is currently available in Telegram
– Please stop using the Chrome extension, it can no longer be maintained. Upgrade to Scatter Desktop which you can’t use if the Chrome extension is still installed
– Basics rules for newcomers to secure your coins:
– Tutorial on changing your EOS owner and active keys using Ledger Nano S:

*For anyone new to Scatter and finding the navigation a little confusing, please refer to the video tutorial linked below to set you on your bearing

The Power of Utilizing Scatter

As previously mentioned, one of the most fascinating things about Scatter for the individual user is the ability to transact with all sorts of sites and dApps on varying blockchains.  Beyond the EOS main net, Scatter can also be used to manage public and private keys as well as interact with other EOS sister chains such as WORBLI, MEET ONE, TELOS, BOS, and EOS FORCE.  In addition, Scatter can be used to manage public and private keys to both Ethereum and Tron accounts quite easily.  This is much more secure than any browser extension and adds as an added protection against phishing sites that may try a phishing attack to steal your funds.  Finally, with it’s almost never ending list of supported dApps across various chains it really has become the go to for so many in the space already.  Add to that the fact that it is open sourced and driven by an amazing team always willing to help, and you have a recipe for both it’s present and future success.


Scatter Desktop: preview of new functionality (Source:


I honestly do expect as time goes on that this project already so deeply entrenched into the EOS sphere will surely gain a lot more traction in the crypto space beyond once people realize just how much sense it makes due to ease and security of cross blockchain and various dApp interactions.  Personally I’m really looking forward to seeing just how far they can push the innovative solutions they have thus far come up with, and am excited to see just how pivotal a project like Scatter will become with its proven track record of pressing forward to meet the challenges of security and ease of interaction that this space in its infancy is trying to overcome.  Scatter truly is a brilliant project having already accomplished so much and set to accomplish exponentially more that in my very humble opinion, it’s absolutely impossible to compile a Top 10 Best Crypto dApps list without it’s inclusion

On that note then, I shall bid you, at least for now, farewell.  As always, thanks for dropping on in and keeping in touch with my thoughts and please do stay tuned for the next installment in the ‘Top 10 Best Crypto dApps’ series.  Until then my friends, enjoy all that life has to offer in crypto and beyond.

Your Trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

*All images, unless noted otherwise, have been taken directly from the official relevant sites listed above

Official Links

Setting Up Scatter Video Tutorial

Although a little dated, the ‘Scatter Desktop App Setup Walk-Thru by Crypto Money Life’ is still a really great guide to getting Scatter installed and setup for those that are more visual.  Be sure to check other videos by Crypto Money Life as well for tips on navigating the TELOS and BOS EOS sister chains with Scatter.

  • Personal Disclaimer: In no manner what-so-ever does this post represent financial advice.  Nor has this post been paid for by any of the companies or parties associated with these products.  This is merely a project that I find worth writing about and wished to share with the broader community as part of the Trybe.oneTop 10 Crypto DApp Review Content Competition.  I am not a financial advisor and although I appreciate the people who stop in and give my content a read, it is the readers responsibility to do their own research on projects before they decide to support or invest in them.

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