Boidcast Season 4, Episode 3: Featuring Rob Konsdorf, Founder and CEO of EOS Detroit

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In the third installment of the Boid Season 4 Podcast, Jimmy D welcomes the one and only Robrigo of EOS Detroit.  It’s a surprising mix of histories, trials, and tribulations to say the least.  Having been in the space and Boid games since the beginning, this episode gives some insights into various thoughts and observations within the broader sphere, the initiatives and motives behind all that EOS Detroit has been doing in the space, and even some lessons on nomenclature and perspectives on recent developments within the sphere.  With so much to unpack already in this one, it’s a great introductory overview that you surely don’t want to miss.


EOS Detroit

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For all those that took the time to tune in, thanks for your interest and support.  Jimmy D will be back soon with more exciting stories from individuals, projects, and teams all connected and looking to make some real world differences through Boid Season 4.  Keep your eyes peeled on the sources above as well as Jimmy D social pages listed below for the next installment of Boidcast.

On behalf of Boid Miners everywhere, this is your host Jimmy D signing off till next time.  Keep that CPU & GPU dedicated power pumping!

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