(Scary) math behind freebies in Rollercoin Season 4, "Time Suck" aka "Time Travel."

By Netzien | Netzien | 2 Apr 2022

Hey friends. 

I did some back of the napkin math for Rollercoin Season 4 below and thought I'd share. My stratetgy will be to get the daily login bonus, get the daily social media clicks, and to play15 games 5 days a week.

This should allow me to get at least two free miners and some other free bonuses.

Here's my rough notes on this (not crazily edited, just sharing for the sake of): 

 If you just did the daily logins, and did not play any games in Season 4, you could get 945 points over the 7-week duration. This would put you between level 9 and 10 in the Season. You would get 60 free common hashboards at level 8, free bonus power at level 6, and the free miner at level 3.

To reach level 13 where the next free miner is you’d need another 350 points earned off games and daily rewards under events tab. You very easily can get 4 points just for clicking the Twitter, or Facebook link each day. 59-60 days total in the season, means 59-60 times 4 = 236-240 points. Lets assume 236. That leaves about 115 points left in games to get the 350 points needed beyond daily logins and to get free miner at level 13. Let's assume you just focus on the daily 15 games reward at first which will give you a 3 point reward each day. So, 59 days, x 3 points = 177 points. So, this should clear you to get the free miner at level 13. It leaves you about 13 days (of 59-60 days in the season) that you can go without competing at least one of the three point game challenges. This is probably what I’ll try.

Alternatively, if you got three points for 15 game 1's, three points for game 2's, and seven points for an additional ten 10 games (to make 40 games played on the daily on the daily), you could add 59 x 13 points = 767 additional points to daily logins. 950 for daily logins + 767 for those games = 1717 points, so just past level 17. Leve 16 holds free power for seven days. Level 18 holds a pack of 60 fans x parts. However, the next free miner is not until level 23.

If you did the addition 40 games every day to make a total of 80 games daily (yikes) you could get an additional 59 x 12 points daily. That would be about an additional 708 points. So, 1717 + 708 = 2425 points on the season. That's just over level 24.

Looks like they set this beautifully. Using free stuff, and no referrals, and without spending any money, the max is somewhere above or at level 24. The last free miner being at level 23.

The miners that are free are not very powerful and won’t line your bank account. Not worth the time.

To play 80 games a day and win - would be a herculean effort. 15 games of the Tetris game, or Token Surfer 5 times a week to get two free miners, and logging in every day. That's not too bad. It's a long term view with this game. 

Maybe this math will help you. But Rollercoin is designed to be a time suck. I'm hoping that investing some now might be good if the platform evolves into something better in the future. 

Good luck in Rollercoin. 


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