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NFTS in Rollercoin Season 4? Time Travel just launched. 19 hours left to complete first tasks!

By Netzien | Netzien | 1 Apr 2022

Hello friends. Just a quick heads up the new Rollercoin Season 4 "Time Travel" being out. Looks interesting.


What especially caught my attention was the new (did I miss this before) NFT tab where you can connect Metamask? Huh


Maybe it should be called "Time Suck" haha, but we'll see. It looks like level 3 rewards which would be pretty easy to get is a dinosaur egg hatching miner.

Play to earn

Yep, dinosaurs.

Anyway, considering they always seem to do this with the first day being exceptionally short and easy to miss, I thought I'd give you a heads up.

Rollercoin is a long term that takes a lot of time for the returns in my opinion, but some really like it, and it's at least a game that you know will pay eventually.

Use my referral link if you want to get started: -

The first day of the season, which is today (19 hours left), is the best time to start.

Good luck in the game!

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