Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index at 25, down 7 points from 48 hours ago. From "fear" to "extreme fear."

By Netzien | Netzien | 4 Dec 2021

Run for your lives, the bears are here. He he - first time?


Just another part of being in crypto, riding the wave. As the price of Bitcoin took a dip, so has the infamous Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index. At 7:30 PM New York City time on Friday, December 3rd, the infamous Twitter account Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index @BitcoinFear posted that the score for the index was at 25. That is a decrease of 7 points from just the same time 48 hours ago. The index has moved from the level of "fear" "to extreme fear." Since I posted about this two days ago the price has changed from $56,999 USD/BTC (at index 32) to today's price when the index was published of $53,503 USD/BTC (at index 25).


Already, the price has dipped hard, down to at least 46K, as I have been writing this and busy tonight - ouch.

The main thing is, try to HODL. And buy more. But only as a risk-calculated move. If it did go to zero - could you still pay your bills? Tough right now, but that's what champs do. And when we all buy more BTC, we all win because it moves the market. This is partly why BTC maxis are right - if everything else does crash, BTC could be in a sole survivor scenario. Hang in there everyone. My opinion is, try not to sell. There's a reason why the richest organizations, as well as why seemingly people intent on positively impacting the world want more too. 



Of course, protect your assets and be smart out there. If you have the gusto, perhaps buy the dip. Whatever you do, don't panic, take a deep breath, and envision what it could, and will feel like when the needle moves all the way to the right. Until the next time gents and ladies. 

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