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Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index at 24, gains 3 points from 1-day ago. Remains at "extreme fear."

By Netzien | Netzien | 16 Mar 2022

Hello Ox'ers. Bitcoin was showing some resistance to psychological levels at 40K USD/BTC but had a mini breakout above $41k USD/BTC for a short moment this evening. As I write, the price is $40,867 USD/BTC. Tonight March 15 at 8 pm New York City Time (USA) The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index was posted at a value = 24, which was an increase of 3 points from the same time 24 hours ago. The index value of 24 at 8 pm was posted before the relatively rapidly large gain in price from about $39,230 USD/BTC at 8:40 pm (New York City time) to a high point of $41,730 USD/BTC at about 9:24 pm (New York city time). That was a rise of around 6.5% in only about 45 minutes. 


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Below is a 3-month chart of the Fear and Greed Index values. On the horizontal x-axis is the date whereby to the left is 90 days prior (Dec 15, 2021) and on the right of the horizontal axis is the present date. On the vertical y-axis are the Fear and Greed Index values spanning those dates with 0 (extreme fear) at the bottom of the y-axis, and 100 (extreme greed) at the top of the y-axis.

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The index score of 24 remains at the level of "extreme fear" and unchanged since the same time yesterday. 24 hours ago when index 21 was posted the price was ~$39,526 USD/BTC and the price did not change much when the index of 24 was posted tonight and was =~ $39,417 USD/BTC. Of course, as it's done the last coupe days, the price is coming right back down as I wrote (haha), and is now 39,619 (10:21 pm). Geez - these candles are wild. The price action has done exactly this the last few days. At this lower price, BTC is up 1.65% on the daily and 0.25% on the week. Let's hope it gets some traction and can hold above 40k! When the King moves everything does!

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Thanks for stopping and hope this post finds you in good spirits. Let's go Bitcoin!

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