Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index at 22, gains 1 point from 1-day ago. Remains at "extreme fear."

By Netzien | Netzien | 12 Jan 2022

Good evening. As I write, bitcoin bounced a little from around 40K, and is holding around 42.5K USD/BTC. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index has risen as Bitcoin price has slowly gained some ground. At 8:00 PM New York City time on Tuesday, January 11th, the infamous Twitter account Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index @BitcoinFear posted that the index score was 22. That is an increase of 1 point from the same time 24 hours ago. The index remains at the level of "extreme fear" since the same time yesterday. Since 24 hours ago, the price has changed from $41,879 USD/BTC (at the time index = 21 was posted yesterday) to today's price when the index = 22 was published of $42,843 USD/BTC.  




As you might have heard a "death cross" is approaching. So, be careful out there. Maybe it will go parabolic and buck the expected trend when that happens. For now, let's hope Bitcoin keeps trending upward! Thanks for stopping by, have a great night.  

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