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$22 in tips on my introductory HIVE / Ecency / LeoFinance post! What?

By Netzien | Netzien | 30 Mar 2022

Hello friends. I published my introductory article on Ecency / HIVE / Leo Finance. 

I was very surprised that the estimated earnings for my first post ever, without any followers somehow shot up over $22 USD. Say what? How?

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Publish0x is like my long-term steady girlfriend. I feel like I am cheating a little on Pubish0x with Ecency / Hive.

I can't really step away after the unexpected success there.

$22 first post? Looks like I could have two loves in my crypto-publishing life soon.

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Maybe it was because I was vulnerable a little in the post. Or maybe it was the elephant NFT I have in my collection and used as a hint about what my education / PhD is in that made the post do well.

Really, I'm so new there, I don't know. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. 

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An interesting part of the post rewards was that I got  some HIVE-based tokens.

I really don't know how they work, but I am pretty excited to find out more!

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I think the most important suggestion if you are thinking about joining Ecency and making an introductory post is to be from the heart.

Secondly, use key words like "introductory article" "first article" and such in the title. 

Thirdly, make sure you include the right #tags and such. Perhaps that I used less crypto-oriented tags as they fit my interests may have helped. 

Fourth - not sure if I mattered but I posted within the Leo Finance Sub-section you can choose this when you sign up with Ecency - they connect and are made to run together with ease essentially.. 

Finally, hope you get lucky and get picked up by accounts like pictured below (be they bots or whatever) through a good response by platform users. 

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I'm at 96 "likes" on my post.

I think if I exceed 100, some good things will trigger.

Use my referral link, you'll get some goodies and throw a like my way - only a couple more days to do so

Or, if you are on Hive, or Leo FInance, or Ecency already, follow me, throw a like, and I'll follow you back! 

Thanks for stopping by guys. Hope the post finds you in good spirits. 


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