Short Anime Review #3 Hunter X Hunter

By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 30 Aug 2021

I guess this is one of those animes too precious and too great to be compared to a material item like gold. It is one of those animes that changes a bit of you slightly leaving an imprint upon your soul. A quick search upon google images gives child-like character images - Gon and Killua.

But this isn't as simple as a children's show - some of the themes are applicable to adults too. I for one, watched this during my late teen years at a not so splendid time. I binged all 148 episodes a few days before some important exams. Needless to say, I didn't do well in those exams but twas still a hella fun ride.

Plot: 9/10

It is child-like at first but gets darker later on. Each arc is not so innovative but not too cliche either. The ideas are beautifully executed. I shall give single phrase summaries of each arc - trying my best not to spoil anything.
Hunter exam - Mc makes some friends whilst on the exam - exam is very practical
Heavens arena - Mc battles people in a tower - higher levels = more difficult opponents, lots of fights
YorkNew City - Mafia Gang basically
Greed Island - Mc gets isekaied into a game.
Ant Arc - Bunch of ants want to take over the world
Election - An election...

Characters: 10/10

Main Characters are very likeable and every character - even side ones have their own unique quirks and features. Perhaps not necessarily realistic but interesting nonetheless. While I watched the anime you get the same feeling when you meet a person in real life and they are different to the norm. HxH brings out unconventional qualities of a character out. 

The anime is also not afraid to kill-off characters - so we can truly be depressed and cry when a character leaves us.

Art: 8/10

I am no artist. But I would say the anime does look quite beautiful at times, maybe not as beautiful as a romantic anime. Combat scenes are great but colored like any other standard shounen anime. 

Music: 8/10

A lot of shows and films are often carried forward by their music. But the plot and characters are so good, I feel like the music takes a supporting role instead. The music fits and is great with a few emotional tunes but is nothing revolutionary. The ending and opening are great and enjoyable.

To conclude...
Amazing anime, I would recommend you watch this sometime in your lifetime, 148 episodes sound daunting, but they pass quickly. I have not read the manga afterwards so I can only speak for the anime. But there are truly some things worth seeing in this show. 




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