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By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 20 Sep 2021

As a musician I often encourage myself to listen to different music in order to gain different perspectives in art and expression. I've listened to many genres starting with classical and movie music as a child and moving to pop, 20th century music, atonal stuff, early music, folk and more. However, with personalisation turned on these days we can get caught with listening to the same style over and over again. 

So today's listening recommendation: K/Da

This is Kpop group that makes epic music for the game league of legends although I'm not a big fan of the game. Unlike other most Kpop groups the songs are 90% sung in english making it a bit more accessible. 

There is a lot of effort gone into the production of the songs and the visual effects in the video are nonetheless impressive too.

That particular link I attached above, is unique as it contains 3 different languages in at different times, English, Korean, and Chinese. Different languages, of course, sound different and the song uses these sounds to emphasise the epic-ness. I hadn't heard songs exploiting languages for sound first then, meaning before this one. 

Anyways enjoy listening.

This was a short article but if you hear anything unique that I didn't pick up on leave it in the comments below.

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