Dictators, Cowboys, Jesus? The crazy isekai anime you need to see

By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 4 Jul 2021

Ever since the release of Sword Art Online (SAO) through A-1 pictures, the isekai genre, has been a popular sector of anime. It involves the main character/s going off to a different world.

Notable shows include: overlord and log horizon both VRMMORPGs; that time I got reincarnated as a slime - a country building show with a game system; Konosuba, Saga of Tanya the evil, Rising of the shield hero etc... These anime helped many of us escape from our monotonous lives into a rich fantasy world. However, as I watched more of these shows, I became bored by these isekai cliche tropes, mc goes into world - saves it from big enemy, mc gets a harem, mc conquerors to world, mc is op etc... My watch time became so saturated with these shows that the escapism I was longing for became the monotony I was trying to get away from. 

Until I saw Drifters.

I'll start with the negatives.

With 12 episodes from the season and 2 OVA episodes, unfortunately the anime adaptation is incomplete, and the manga appears to have been dropped. But that doesn't stop you from seeing this fantastic show.

The concept is completely original making the anime extremely underrated. Historical characters are isekai-ed, when they are at the brink of death, into a fantasy world to fight against each other, in a two-sided war. Nearly all the characters are based upon real-life people, and the clash of different historical backgrounds makes the show particularly comedic to watch. The technologies also come from different eras, from witchcraft and samurai swords to 19th century gatling guns and WW2 fighter jets. The summoned people are heroes and villains.

Some historically famous people are referenced too, such as Adolf Hitler who was the dictator of the Orte empire in the fantasy world. A joke is also cracked by the medieval Japanese about his unconventional moustache. The leader of the 'enemy' side appears to be an all-powerful life-giving God which could reference Jesus/Satan depending on your outlook. 

Below is a list of 10 real life characters who are active characters featured in the show:

  • Butch Cassidy - crazy times of the wild west, was leader of The Wild Bunch
  • Sundance Kid - Butch's loyal partner, they team up as an EPIC duo
  • Hannibal Barca - led the Cathargian empire during the second Punic War
  • Scipio Africanus - a Roman general through the second Punic War, greatest achievement was for defeating Hannibal
  • Grigori Rasputin - friend of Emperor Nicolas II in Russia
  • Anastasia - youngest daughter of Nicolas II and friend of Rasputin
  • Joan of Arc -  was a Saint of France but burned at the stake for heresy
  • Count Saint-Germi - European philosopher and alchemist whose age is unknown, '500 years' he claims himself
  • Naoshi Kanno - Japanese fighter pilot during WW2
  • Oda Nobunga - Famous Japanese conqueror

There are others too, but those were the main ones I could think of at this moment. 

So the show does have a mix of history and the way these characters interact with each other is very humorous. That being said, the anime is crazy, this concept is extremely daring in itself, so do give it a watch.


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