5 manga/manhua/manhwa for isekai lovers

By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 8 Jul 2021

A while ago, I was extremely addicted to watching isekai anime - mainly because it was lockdown and I just wanted to escape this world. I started with watching the popular ones rated 7,8,9 / 10 on MaL such as reincarnated as a slime, overlord, and konosuba. But sadly these shows didn't have an infinite number of episodes, so I quickly finished them during my 24/7 binge watch. I then moved on to more 'trashier' shows rated under 5/10 that no one really watched, and I guess I just started losing braincells at this point. 

Well, in this post I will recommend 10 amazing manga/manhua/manhwa for those who've watched the good isekai animes and want more. This list is not in rank order.

Note. manhwas are a form of korean manga and manhuas are chinese mangas, both are colored.

1) Solo Leveling (manhwa)

Kind of reverse isekai, dungeons appear on modern day earth with monsters and humans awaken as 'hunters' with special powers to kill them. This dungeon - hunter relationship is popular in manhwas. Of course, MC is weak at first but receives an overpowered class and becomes insanely powerful.

2) Release that witch (manhua)

Many chinese manhuas are deemed trash, because of cliche plots and bad translations. However, this isn't one, this could perhaps be the best manhua I've ever read. MC is an engineer who gets reincarnated as a prince in a fantasy territory - starts off weak but becomes strong. He introduces science and combines it with magic. There is a succession struggle and he ends up attempting to conquer the kingdom.

3) Omniscient Reader's Point of View (manhwa)

MC's real world and people are isekai-ed into the novel he finished reading. Since he knows exactly what should happen and where, he easily becomes overpowered.

4) I am the Sorcerer King (manhwa)

Very similar to solo leveling but incorporates more real-life technology with magic.

5) Galactic Officer becomes an adventurer (manga)

Due to an accident in space, futuristic MC must make an escape onto a fantasy world. MC begins to conquer the nation with his futuristic weapons and also utilises magic. 


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