Jesus is the only way

By buckeyebkd | Jesus-is-the-only-way | 20 May 2021


Jesus is the only way

I often think back to when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's. I think back about how we were taught to respect everyone but especially our elders. I think about how people would help out those in need without expecting anything in return. I think about how our friends and neighbors were also our family. I think about how parents were real parents and their children loved, respected, and feared them. I think about how southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky was the heart of the Bible belt. I think back to a simpler time before social media, the world wide web, caller ID, political correctness, and the drug epidemic that's swept our country.
You see people on social media arguing whether addiction is a choice or a disease. Recently I've came to the conclusion that addiction is really spiritual warfare and the Bible belt is ground zero. Satan has been using addiction to divide and conquer us. Satan has been using addiction to destroy our families, our friends, our neighbors, our schools, our churches, our communities, and our country.
You're worthless. You're not good for anything. You're not strong enough to fight. You'll have to use everyday for the rest of your life. You're scum the lowest of the low. Nobody even cares if you live or die. Everyone even your family thinks you're a piece of thrash. Satan uses these lies of addiction and many more to control the addict and keep them down. Over the last 5 or 6 years I've noticed that Satan is now using the lies of addiction on the non addict. The addicts are worthless. The addicts are trash. The addicts are homeless, prostitutes, and thieves. The addicts are less than human. The addicts will always be addicts and nothing more. The addicts will never change. Why even try to save their lives when they OD? They'll just do it again. The addicts don't even deserve to live.
I tell people all the time that there is only two possible outcomes of drug addiction. You either get clean or you die. That's it there's no in between. You either choose life or you choose death. I've had so many friends and family die from overdosing that I can't even count them all. It's very common when someone ODs and passes away to hear people say things like "They were doing so good. They'd been in recovery for so long now. We just can't understand why they decided to use again." Satan tells the addict "You've got it under control now. Remember how good it used to feel. You can do it just one more time and not do it again." That's when that "just one more time" becomes the last time they ever do anything. We don't need recovery because a recovering addict is still an addict.
I was in church Thursday and my pastor said something about Jesus breaking the chains of addiction. Immediately a scripture was laid in my spirit in a way that I've never interpreted it before.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus isn't just the only way to the Father and heaven. Jesus is the only way to break the chains of addiction. Jesus is the only way to deliverance. Jesus is the only way to salvation. Jesus is the only way to true love. Jesus is the only way to true peace that passes all understanding. Jesus is the only way to true happiness. Jesus is the only way to true joy. Jesus is the truth that will overcome the lies of Satan and addiction. Jesus is the only way to everlasting life.

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I want to start off by giving honor where honor is due. Thank you Abba Father for keeping your hand upon me and my life. Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and Savior and for laying down your life so that I could have eternal life. Thank you Holy Spirit for guidance, discipline, comfort, and for being so much more than just a tongue talker. I just want to share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST with everyone that I possibly can.

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