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This is a post from my church's (Judah Tabernacle) FB page. 

The Hebrew month of Elul begins at sundown this evening on God’s calendar. Elul is known as the Month of Teshuvah (repentance in Hebrew). It is sometimes referred to as the “Month of (re)Turning,” with the understanding of returning back to God. The concept of repentance lasts for 40 days and finishes at the end of Yom Kippur. For this reason, you may hear it referred to as the “40 Days of Repentance/Teshuvah.”

Elul, being the last month on the Hebrew calendar, precedes the Fall Feasts which prophetically point to the rapture and second coming of the Messiah. This is why we use this time reflect on our relationship with God. The shofar is blown each day of Elul to awaken our spirits to the truth. Our ears are open to what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

The month of Elul is also when “the king is in the field.” This idea comes from a new king meeting the people of his new city in the field before taking his throne. No one would be refused an appointment to meet with the king. He would hear their fervent cries and needs. So, Elul is also known as a “Month of Miracles” and a “Month of Answered Prayers.”

As we prepare our hearts during Elul, we are also being invaded by the voices of the world. But remember, this is the month of miracles and answered prayers! Our King is in the field! While there’s sobering days ahead of us, we remain victorious. This is why we can’t be burdened by what we hear! Instead of expecting lockdowns, we will anticipate breakthroughs! Instead of assuming we will have restrictions, we will see release! And instead of fretting the possibility of mandates from the world’s system, we will stay focused and remember our authority is in heaven! Let’s take heed and be ready and stay ready for what lies ahead.

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I want to start off by giving honor where honor is due. Thank you Abba Father for keeping your hand upon me and my life. Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and Savior and for laying down your life so that I could have eternal life. Thank you Holy Spirit for guidance, discipline, comfort, and for being so much more than just a tongue talker. I just want to share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST with everyone that I possibly can.

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