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Having a motivation, it will be happy and great smile

The difference between desire and motivation

By Jesyan | Jessica | 1 Jul 2020

What is the difference between desire and motivation?


I think there will be different answers that are all equally valid when considered from different domains. My answer is probably more philosophical, though I'm not sure if that's why my answer seems to be different from everyone else's.


For me;Desire is a cognitive state of mind that is active in nature. One cannot intend to do something unconscious. One must have some awareness of the mental state of 'to diamond something'. On the other hand, motivation is a non-cognitive state of mind that is passive in nature. It is mild in the sense that it is generally 'achieved' motivation rather than 'creative' motivation. Moreover, it is a closer (many argue though similar to) desire in the sense that desires are also considered non-cognitive mental states.In simple words Purpose is your desire to do (or do) something. Where Motivation is either the reason you have that desire or the strength of that desire.



"I really want to lose weight to avoid heart problems".

Weight loss is the goal, desperation is a measure of my motivation, and avoiding heart problems is the 'cause'.


Any "intention" is a mental suggestion to act in a particular way. But if your desire is only in your mind, but not in action to justify it, what is needed is a "Motivation" to make your intention, a reality in action, leading to a positive, fulfilling purpose. .


"Motivation" creates a reason to act in a particular way to justify your thinking or "Intentions".


Check out some examples here: -


1. You want to pass a review with a difference. But what does it take you to achieve this? You have a reason for motivation to study well that forces your thinking into action.


2. It is your intention to get a flat. But what makes your pursuit anxious. The motivation to earn and save enough money to buy a flat came from your desire to buy a flat.


The desire to do something is just a thought, but to make it a reality, you need some motivation to act..


Hope this can help.You can also share your thoughts at the comment boxs👇

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