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How to manage our time

By Jesyan | Jessica | 3 Jul 2020

The common remarks which our parents or teachers make whenever we waste our time is "time is gold". This simply means that time is precious and limited. Time is precious because when wasted it cannot be regained. Time is also limited because we only have 24 hours a day. This ia one God's gifts accorded equally to the young and old, the rich and the poor, and the weak and the strong. Realizinh it's importance, we should learn to manage it in order to accomplish all our goals in life.


Time management. This involves both making plans and carrying them out. time plan is an important tool that leads one to think about many work patterns which regulate speed and effiency in working, aside from saving time, time plan relieves you from tensions caused by being late,above all, it helps accomplish more tasks sunce time is used to the maximum.


Needs, first we have to consider thing we need to do before those we want to do. Our family is more important that our friends.


Saving in terms of time and effort, we have to study our activities so we can arrange those which are related. Group those activities that are similar or those that follow each other logically.


Strengths and limitation, should also be taken into consideration. We are given 24 hours a day and scheduling so many activities only leads to tension. Tension affects our health which may make us sick. Aside from time, otjer limitation comes from the situation we are in. Our body needs somr rest periods to allow for the repair of the worn-out tissues because of working to hard the whole day.


Tools and facilities, use of labor saving devices lessens time spend in doing something. Washing machine for instance, can shorten the time we need for washing clothes.


Emergencies, In scheduling our time, allowannce must be made for emergencies. Rerouting of traffic and car accidents are some of the causes of emergencies that we may encounter. Leaving our house earlier than the usual may save us from being late.


With 24 hours to finish all the activities we need to do in a day, we really need to learn how to manage our time plan.


*It may be made daily, weekly.


*monthly plan, includes all the activities we need to accomplish in a period of 31 days.


*Yearly plan, is a long range time plan. This includes all the activities we need to do in a period of 12 months, 52 weeks or 365 days.


To be able to prepare a daily time plan here are some tips or steps;


●List down all the activities you plan to do from the time you wake up to the time you sleep.


●Estimate the amount of time required for each activity in your list.


●Add al the stemated time required to accomplish the activities in your list.


●Make an adjustment with the time requored for the activities and your available time.


●Arrange the activities according to what you want to do early in the morning up to late in the evening.


I hope it will help you manage your time 💕💕


Have a good day.

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