Excitement ❤️

By Jesyan | Jessica | 3 Jul 2020

Hello guys😊

I'm now excited to see the half of me and the half of my loving husband.

Can't wait to see you baby

Happy 8 months baby, Papa and Mama can't wait to see you, were really excited. Until now we dont know yet your Gender.

Yes guys we still don't know what gender of our baby, because my midwife waitin' 7 pregnant who will undergo ultrasound, Due to this pandemic the transportation now was really expenses. My midwife tell us to wait 7 pregnant so that the ambulance will pick up us to go in hospital.

Just wanna share too my baby on my womb was so hyper😁👶 I'm just so happy and thankful to our loving God that he gave and gift us a baby.

But for now I'm afraid to give birth because I'm first time mom, I don't know the feeling yet, still I'm so excited to coming out our baby❤️😊☺️

Hope he will help me to push it.

We love you baby ❤️

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